Monsey family Suing Camp Over Sexual Offenses

A Monsey family is suing a Pennsylvania sleep-away camp after their 12-year old son came forward with allegations and a video of a counselor molesting him and another boy. The lawsuit, which was filed against the Orthodox Jewish Camp Dora Golding and its owner Alexander Gold of Brooklyn, states that the owner was aware of the counselor’s inappropriate sexual behaviors toward the young boys, and that after the incident he attempted to cover it up by purchasing a bus ticket and sending the counselor, 20-year old Chisdai Ben-Porath, home after not allowing the boy to call his parents and lying to parents about what happened. Gold’s lawyer Matthew Flanagan stated that his client denies the accusations and they believe the family will come to see that the camp acted correctly. According to records Ben-Porath was arrested and pleaded guilty to the accusations of molesting the two campers and was sentenced 5 to 23 months in Pennsylvania in the Monroe County Jail. The two-minute video, taken by the Monsey boy around 12:30 AM on July 11, shows the counselor touching the other camper and then making his way over to the boy’s bunk. The boy’s reports state that he was pretending to be asleep, hoping Ben-Porath would go away, but instead he began massaging the boy, who then got up and hid under the bed. The family’s lawyer Brian Condon of Nanuet, stated that they declined to press criminal charges and the issue is not a religious matter, it comes down to protecting kids. Former Rockland District Attorney Kenneth Gribetz is representing Ben-Porath and stated he will most likely be released in July and be deported to Canada, and Pennsylvania has not registered him as a sex offender.

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