Spring Valley Mayor Social Media Feud

Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme responded to a trustee’s reportedly hurtful message on social media on Friday. Trustee Asher Grossman made a statement on his twitter account in response to Delhomme’s Confidential Assistant, Floyd Morse, which read, “Obama has Republican obstruction to move country forward. Gotta find a name for three Dem trustees obstructing our village.” Grossman tweeted back, “I have a name. It’s called majority. Democracy rules! #SayNoToPapaDel.” Papa Del allegedly compares the Mayor to Francois Duvalier or Papa Doc, who is well known for murder and repression during his term as President of Haiti. Delhomme stated that he is demanding an apology because the statement was offensive to him and the Haitian people by comparing his term to such a destructive ruler. According to Betty Carmand multiple people have referred to Delhomme using the nickname simply because it was certain opinions that he behaved like a dictator, not to show disrespect to Haitians.

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