New Jersey Law Suit Over Rockland Sewer Leaks

After seven years of federal courts a lawsuit filed by New Jersey towns and residents has made its way to a U.S. District Court Justice. The suit claims that Rockland County Sewer District No. 1 violated the Clean Water Act by leaking raw sewage into the Saddle River fourteen times, leading to health, environmental, commercial, recreational, and aesthetic problems. Breaking the federal law can result in penalties as high as $25,000 per spill. Joanne Minichetti, the Mayor of Upper Saddle River stated that they will also be seeking repayment for all attorney fees. Judge Edgardo Ramos ruled that the courts must now decide how to hold the sewer district responsible for the spills. Reportedly the pumping station in Airmont’s inability to keep up with the amount of sewage that passes through is one of the main problems. The district’s Executive Director Dianne Phillips stated that three new pumps were installed at the station and rain has a lot to do with the leakage, though on some dry days leaks continue.

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