Man Attempts to Lure Children From School

According to Clarkstown Police a man was seen attempting to lure chilren at the edge of the property at Highview Elementary School on Monday. At 5:30 PM police responded to a call from a counselor for after school programs that a suspicious man described as white, with receding dark hair, wearing a red plaid shirt, age about late thirties or forties, was wandering along the edge of the playground near the woods, and on Church Street, calling for the children to go to him. Police stated that no children responded to the man and when they arrived he was no longer there. The school has locks on gates and doors and is monitored during school days. Last month two apparently unrelated incidents occurred, first a man in a white car drove into a driveway in Orangetown and unsuccessfully attempted to lure a five- year old boy into the car, and the second in South Nyack a man in a tan van unsuccessfully attempted to lure a 16- year old girl while she was walking. Clarkstown Police are asking that anyone with any information call them at 845-639-5800 and teach children to yell and draw attention to themselves if they are approached.

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