More Students Opting Out of Common Core Tests

Students at local schools have continued taking advantage of the option of sitting out of the Common Core tests. In April many students opted to sit out of the English Language Arts tests that were given and now the numbers have only increased with the math tests being administered to grades 3 through 8 Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. According to Superintendent of the North Rockland School District, Ileana Eckert, the media coverage of parents choosing to have their children not take the tests gave more parents a reason to do the same this time around. Eckert stated that the district expected to see an increase, but not as much as they actually got. In North Rockland 10.8 percent of the student body, or 395 of the 3,675 students set to take the state math tests decided to sit out, while only 134 students sat out of the ELA tests. This trend continued through Westchester County and Long Island, according to the state Education Department if 95 percent of the student population at a school does not participate in the tests the district will have to set up an improvement plan to be regulated by the state. A spokesman for the department, Jonathan Burman, stated that the tests were only implemented to see how children are succeeding in education and they give parents and students the opportunity to see how their education is being applied. Results will most likely be released later this summer.

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