Chestnut Ridge Boy’s Death Declares Homicide

The death of a five-year old Chestnut Ridge boy in January was recently determined to by police to be a homicide. Garnett Spears was admitted to Nyack Hospital in January for flu like symptoms and was transferred to Westchester Medical Center soon after where he died on January 23. Doctors treating the boy called police to alert them that they found high traces of sodium in his blood. High sodium levels can lead make a person sick or lead to death by poisoning. During the investigation police searched the apartment that Garnett and his mother 26-year old Lacey Spears were living at the Fellowship Community, finding and seizing a feeding bag that Spears allegedly used to assist her son in getting nutrition. In the bag they found traces of sodium as well. The labeling of the case as a homicide means that Garnett’s death was not an accident or medical problem and could lead to charges of murder, criminally negligent homicide or manslaughter. No charges or arrests have been made toward the mother or anyone else in the case as of yet.

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