Ramapo Republican Committee Question Loan Payments

The Ramapo Republican Committee questioned the town government’s payments of certain loans, stating that records show that none have been made. A Republican member, Robert Romanowski stated that he recently requested documents on the town’s general and police funds to look into a loan that was approved by the board for salaries and other day to day expenses. According to Romanowski he received letters back from Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence and Town Clerk Christian Sampson, both stating that the records he was seeking do not exist. Romanowski stated that this is proof that no money has been paid back from the general fund into the police fund, because even when done electronically there is a paper trail. According to Town Attorney Michael Klein, the loan is permitted by state law as long as it is paid back with interest. Ramapo Councilman Daniel Friedman stated that Supervisor St. Lawrence, “Repeatedly told the board that all fund transfers were repaid.” St. Lawrence has made no comment on the claims as of yet. The Republican Committee stated that their main concern is that if the town has the money why do documents show that no payments have been made and whether or not the town is in a greater deficit than originally thought.

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