Spring Valley Trustee Exonerated of 2003 Charges

In 2003 Spring Valley Trustee Vilair Fonvil was accused by the Rockland County District Attorney’s office of signing nomination petitions with forged signatures in 2000, leading to 83 misdemeanor charges of fraud, 79 of which a jury rejected. On Wednesday a group of four state Supreme Court Justices determined there was reasonable doubt with the evidence found in 2000 and thew out the remaining charges. Fonvil, who fought the charges from the beginning, stated that he knew one day he would be exonerated and is happy that it finally happened. When originally charged the current trustee was sentenced to complete 100 hours of community service, which he spent working in the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department’s horse stables, Fonvil completed the hours stating that he did not have an issue working out the sentence. According to William Gerard, who is representing Fonvil, they were in the process of deciding whether or not to pursue a federal suit against former District Attorney Michael Bongiorno for selective political prosecution an misconduct, but have stopped after the judge’s recent decision.

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