Rockland Clergy for Social Justice Plans Albany Trip

The Rockland Clergy for Social Justice, a group of Rabbis, Ministers, Pastors, and Imams, which formed in March in an attempt to assist the East Ramapo School District’s major issues released a statement announcing that they plan to travel to Albany on Wednesday April 30 to meet with state officials and to once again call on Governor Cuomo to step in with the district. The letter states that the main issues that will be focused on are the miscommunication between groups within the district who send their children to private religious schools and those who send their children to the public schools within the district. Group member, Reverend Weldon McWilliams stated at a meeting in early April that it is a struggle to get a dialogue and it is time for state officials to step in. The clergy also sent out a petition that received over 500 signatures asking for Governor Cuomo to intervene. Another issue is the fiscal problems the district faces, such as cuts in the arts, music,and sports. Traveling to the New York State Capitol and Well of Legislative Office building in Albany are speakers for the day Reverond McWilliams, Rabbi Adam Baldachin, Rabbi Ari Hart, Pastor Joel Michel, Azeem Farooki, and Rabbi Paula Mack Drill, who will be meeting with Senators and the Governor’s staff. The press release announced that there is room on the bus and they are hoping to fill it with members of local clergy to meet with officials.

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