Clarkstown Republican Committee Holding Hearing to Discuss “Disloyalty” Charges

According to a letter sent out by the Chairman of the Clarkstown Republican Committee, Bob Axelrod, a hearing has been set up for Wednesday to discuss disloyalty charges against Jeanine Vecchiarelli of New City, which could lead to her expulsion from the committee. Axelrod stated that in March Vecchiarelli attacked candidate Duncan Rogers Lee while he was running for Upper Nyack Village Justice in an attempt to form a campaign against him. Lee is the attorney in a case against two Rockland County bloggers, which Vecchiarelli stated is an attempt to silence bloggers, like herself, and take away their right to free speech. Axelrod is asking members to remove Vecchiarelli from the committee for a post that she had written on her facebook that some believe cost Lee the election, though Vecchiarelli states that Lee was working on the case against bloggers Michael Hull and Anthony Mele, simply to gain points within the Republican party. Similar hearings have happened twice within the party since 2011, first Ralph Sabitini was brought to a hearing for attending a Democratic fundraiser, though it was dropped after discussion. The second was when Clarkstown Councilman Frank Borelli had allegedly been secretly taped making a deal for the Democratic party, and was removed from the committee, but not charged criminally. Vecchiarelli stated that she will most likely not be attending the hearing.

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