United Water Public Hearings

Residents of Rockland County can share their thoughts on the proposed United Water rate increases at a public hearing on April 23 and 24. Over the summer United Water submitted a request to raise revenue by 21.3 million dollars, stating that most customers’ bills would increase by $144 a year. Two state Administrative Law Judges Rafael Epstein and David Van Ort, recommended that the increase be lowered to 1.1 million dollars, making it a 15 percent increase in revenue. According to data from United Water this would make bills increase by $121 a year. The company also asked the New York State Public Service Commission in June for an increase of $60 per customer to support the 50 million dollars they spent getting approvals for the new desal plant. Due to reports that the county will run out of a water supply in coming years, the plant would take water from the Hudson, treat it, and distribute it to customers in Rockland County. Many local groups are against the plant, such as the Rockland Water Coalition, stating that the numbers may have proved lower due to the company releasing water from the Lake DeForest Reservoir into New Jersey. The plant currently stands at a cost of 150 million dollars, and will use a large amount of electricity when completed. Spokeswoman for United Water Deb Rizzi stated that the company is thankful for the judge’s decision that a rate increase is justified, and that their commitment is to ensure the customers’ receive a reliable water supply always. The hearings will be at the Felix Festa Middle School on April 23 and at the Ramapo Town Hall on April 24.

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