New Bill To Go After Toll Evaders

Senator David Carlucci introduced a new bill this week that would allow toll agencies to work alongside the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend registration on vehicles that are proven to be chronic toll evaders. As of now only an administrative board or local court has the power to do so. The new bill would work with other states as well, and would suspend registration for drivers who fail to respond to five payment notices. According to Carlucci the Tappan Zee Bridge will be switching to a completely cashless system to help traffic flow during construction and will take a photo of the license plate on a car that drives through a toll without an EzPass and mails them a bill. According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority they have been testing the same system since 2012 on the Henry Hudson Bridge and are still attempting to collect 1.6 million dollars in unpaid tolls. Carlucci stated that the bill will be going after continuous violators, not someone who has missed one toll payment. Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed a similar bill, which would have suspended registration after just three unanswered toll payment notices, and would have charged violators with a misdemeanor count of theft services.

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