Commercial Matzo Oven Still Operating at Yeshiva

According to reports from the Journal News the illegal commercial matzo oven located at a school run by Congregation Ateres Yisroel on Forshay Road in Monsey remains in operation, after a Town Justice ordered its removal on April 7. Justice Alan Simon also ordered that students be removed from the school, which was found to have multiple violations by Ramapo Fire Inspector Adam Peltz. Allegedly a man at the property told reporters that the baking was continuing because they had moved the oven away from classrooms and, “Everything has been legalized.” Gordon Wren, Rockland’s Fire Coordinator stated that his secretary was able to get in touch with Peltz, who stated that the congregation still does not have proper permits, but because of the distance from the building it is safe to use. Wren also stated that the oven is now being called a barbecue and the town can’t take action against a barbecue. According to Wren the school has been facing violations for years and there has yet to be actions taken against the congregation.

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