Mapping The Hudson River

According to officials the state will begin mapping the bottom of the Hudson River in the Piermont area this week. The mapping will complete 153 miles from Troy to New York City. The maps will allow researchers determine the depth of the river and what mineral content it is made of, which will help them understand the animals and fish that make the Hudson their home. The project is part of the building of the New Tappan Zee bridge, which local groups Scenic Hudson and Riverkeeper, have been monitoring to protect species especially the endangered Shortnose and Atlantic Sturgeon. Crews from the State Thruway Authority have been using sonar to measure the depth and create a map of the shallow bottom, only in areas that are thirteen feet or less. Residents have stated that many recreational boaters will be avoiding going North towards the Tappan Zee construction site, due to all the barges that are moored there, but the Southern route is about four feet deep in some places and can be hard to navigate. The mapping techniques will help boaters to know where to safely maneuver their boats through the channel.

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