Bill Proposed to Delay edTPA

The State Assembly presented a bill that would delay an exam that future teachers in New York are currently required to take before being certified. The exam, known as edTPA or Education Teacher Performance Assessment, includes video of student teachers presenting lessons following the Common Core, as well as thirty pages of questions about the Common Core teaching methods. According to many colleges and education major students they did not have time to prepare for the test, which is run and graded by Pearson Inc., and was developed by Stanford University. According to Jonathan Burman, a spokesman for the Education Department, the passage rate is eighty percent and an option for students who don’t pass may be set up. Burman stated, “It is our strong hope that we will be able to keep the bar high.” Officials in the Assembly and several colleges have stated that with more time it would allow potential teachers to get certified as well as obtain degrees in education, and with the proposed delay colleges can better help students through the exam.

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