NY State Education to Use BOSCES In Place of InBloom

The state Education Department is looking to replace the InBloom program with BOSCES information centers to allow districts to keep track of students’ data. State officials recently agreed to disband plans for InBloom, a non-profit company that would present student data to teachers and parents, after many people expressed concern about the privacy of their children’s information. According to Senator David Carlucci BOSCES is capable of holding all of the data, without having to go through a private company, which will give district officials better control over records. The state is set up to receive about 700 million dollars from the Federal government through the Race to the Top contract and has 15 months to reform the education process or they may lose the money. According to the Board of Cooperative Educational Services there are twelve information centers in New York that are capable of doing what the InBloom system would have performed.

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