Meeting Between Rock. County Executive and Tuxedo Development Co.

Local activists and members of the Legislature are taking issue with a meeting that County Executive Ed Day had with a group of developers planning the Tuxedo Reserve. The Related Companies are building 1,195 single- family homes, condos, and townhouses on the Sloatsburg/ Tuxedo border and have been attempting to connect to the Advanced Water Treatment Plant in Rockland Sewer District No 1. In 2004 the Legislature passed five resolutions stating that no one can connect to the system unless approved by the board, leading some members to question Day’s involvement. Legislature Chairman Alden Wolfe stated that the Legislature should have been involved with the meeting since they are a part of county government and have a say in the decision process. Community members also stated that they should have been allowed present if the County Executive were going to talk about the towns. According to John Kwasnicki of Sloatsburg residents were not told about negotiations, though they spent years fighting the project, which he stated will bring more pollution, traffic, and drainage issues. Day stated that the meeting was held simply to organize facts and see if the sewer district’s board backed the idea and no agreements were made at the meeting. According to Day the company was offering the district money as well as 2 million dollars to the county, and if the county, and if the county can find a way that would be less harmful to the environment it would be good to consider.

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