Brega Negotiations Still in Discussion

Employees of the operators of the Tappan ZEExpress and TOR services, Brega Transport Corporation, are asking for a negotiator to step in between them and the company. The union representing the workers released a statement that the company has been offering the most expensive health care options to some employees and has not been providing any health care to almost ninety others for months as a result of not following an agreement with the former employers. Last week the United Transportation Union filed a formal request with the Federal Transportation Department asking for an arbitrator to help with stalled negotiations that have been in talks since the summer. According to representation for Brega Transport, Jack Schloss, the union violated the deal by going public while the negotiations were still being processed. A meeting has been set for today where it will be discussed whether or not Brega is required to follow the same benefits that were offered by Coach USA before Brega was assigned the 70 million dollar contract by the county.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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