Investigation Into Boy’s Death

Investigations continue into the death of a Chestnut Ridge five- year old. In January 26- year old Lacey Spears brought her son Garnett to Nyack Hospital, stating that he was suffering from flu- like symptoms. When the boy’s health began to rapidly decrease he was transferred to Westchester Medical Center, where doctors noticed extremely high levels of sodium in his body. Police stated that the doctors are required by law to report the levels, which are a red flag because high levels can cause sickness and in some cases death. According to police a neighbor recently came forward with information that Spears called her from the hospital to ask her to throw out a feeding bag that was used to help the often sick Garnett get nutrition. The neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, lived near the mother and son at the Fellowship Community where Spears worked, and did as she asked. According to police they discovered the bag in the garbage and tests showed high concentrations of sodium. Since January police have seized food and Spears’ computer from her home. The young mom has not been charged with anything but has hired a lawyer, David Sach of White Plains.

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