Spring Valley Removing Children’s Football League?

Spring Valley Department of Public Works employees began removing equipment belonging to the Ramapo Midget Football League from the Bill Darden Community Center in Memorial Park Thursday morning. The league’s office has been in the center since the 1980’s. Trustee Emilia White was present at the center, questioning why the workers had been ordered to remove the equipment, early in the morning stating that Mayor Demeza Delhomme had ordered the league to vacate the location, sending an assistant to tell the DPW workers to begin removal. White stated that the Mayor ha originally ordered to move the equipment to the Louis Kurtz Center on Main Street. Two months ago Delhomme ordered the league to move to make room for an after- school program that would be taking their spot, though according to White the board had voted three to two that no move be made until the proper paperwork was filed. Sherry McGill, who is Vice President of the league and was also recently reinstated to her position in the Parks and Recreation Department after the Mayor fired her, stated that the league would most likely have to go to court to fight the Mayor if he continued with the alleged decision to evict them. Delhomme commented on Thursday that the workers were there to repaint and fix wiring in the room and that the trustees are stopping him from cleaning up the village. No comment was made on whether or not the league would be allowed back into the building.

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