State Justice Rules Spring Valley Mayor Violated Law

State Supreme Court Justice Gerald Loehr ruled to reverse Spring Valley Mayor Demeza delhomme’s decision to remove Vilair Fonvil from the board of trustees, stating that the Mayor broke the law when he fired the Deputy Mayor with the reasoning that he was sworn in by Village Clerk Kathryn Ball, whose position and actions taken in office were recently nullified by a judge because she was appointed without the proper board vote. Loehr stated that Ball’s position did not have anything to do with the appointment of Fonvil and ordered the removal of Miguelino Joseph, who was hired a a replacement by Delhomme. Delhomme stated that there is no legal proof that Fonvil ever held the position, though according to Loehr, the law does not state that an affidavit for the job needed to be filed. Delhomme announced Monday that he would appealing the decision in the state Appellate Division. According to Fonvil’s representation, Dennis Lynch, Fonvil was fired the day after the law firm began an investigation into the purchase of a 2014 Ford Expedition as an official village vehicle, though the Mayor denied knowledge of an investigation taking place.

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