Clarkstown to Decide on Rent of St. Augustine’s

Residents in Clarkstown are questioning where students will be attending school this coming year, while repairs are being completed on the Congers Elementary School building.The district recently passed a bond worth 6.5 million dollars to repair the building’s back wall, roof, and windows. Voting results showed that residents outside of Congers were mostly opposed to repairing and reopening the building, many claiming that there was more than enough space within the district and closing the school would have resulted in 1.25 million dollars in yearly savings. A similar argument is now being made on whether or not to continue renting St. Augustine’s school for $216,000 plus utilities. According to School Board President Micheal Aglialoro the district will not be eligible for state aid next year, since it won’t be considered an emergency situation. Clarkstown school officials have also recently stated that there is a risk of cuts in sports and honors programs for next year’s budget, making some parents nervous. Some officials and parents in the district have stated that there is room at the Lakewood and New City Elementary Schools to have the students placed there until Congers is completed, which would save the district money by not paying rent. Other parents say that since the kids will be moving back to Congers in the 2015 school year it would be harsh to keep them in different schools.

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