Preserve Ramapo Questions Nonprofit Funds

The Preserve Ramapo group has brought up accusations that the town of Ramapo’s nonprofit funding favors Hasidic and Orthodox- Jewish communities. According to records eighty percent of funding in 2014 was put towards organizations within Monsey and New Square. In the past years the communities received about sixty percent of funding, though according to documents this year funding for non- Orthodox groups were cut to save money raising questions from members of Preserve Ramapo, Michael Parietti, Betty Carmand, Weldon McWilliams, and Hiram Rivera, about the allocation process of funds. According to the Kaser Organization in Monsey, they received $105,000 for their nonprofit program, which is for the betterment of elderly and youth living below the poverty level. New Square Emergency Services received $40,000 for 2014, though Head Start of Rockland, the Ramapo Haitian Task Force, Haitian- Caucus Safe Spring Valley, Hi Tor Animal Shelter, and the Christ Church Food Pantry had their funding cut for 2014. No comments have been made by the heads of the Orthodox community based organizations, though Supervisor of Ramapo Christopher St. Lawrence stated that the town board unanimously voted where the funds would be distributed in December.

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