Rockland Officials Hope to Regulate Trains

According to the Rockland County Sheriff’s office they are taking stricter steps to help prevent issues with trains shipping crude oil and other hazardous materials. Recently Governor Cuomo ordered that companies and local government review their emergency plans, since shipments of crude oil have significantly increased in recent years. On Tuesday a train derailed in Kingston, New York, that had passed through Rockland County. The train had only been carrying sand, but in December a train car carrying oil was hit by a truck in South Nyack, which didn’t derail. According to Sheriff Louis Falco this incident is what caused him to want to regulate train traffic within the county more. Oil is transporte dby about eighty to one-hundred cars on two trains travel through Rockland daily and Sheriff Falco stated that he would like to keep track of that, informing police, fire officials, and ambulance workers incase of a spill. Since last week the Sheriff’s office has been using radar checkpoints to register the speed of locomotives as they pass through, at the request of assistant director of Rockland Office of Fire and Emergency Services, Dan Greeley, who stated that the speed limit fifty miles per hour, but should be much less. Senator Charles Schumer agrees with Greeley, stating that they are pushing to have the limit reduced to forty in populated areas. Sheriff Falco stated that a list should be shared with local officials referring to any hazardous materials that train cars are carrying daily, and CSX spokesman Robert Sullivan responded that the railroad would be open to the idea and already have a program online known as SecureNow which tracks trains and provides information on the contents of cars.

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