Fonvil Removed from Spring Valley Deputy Mayor and Trustee Positions

According to a letter Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme sent to Vilair Fonvil, he was removed from the position as Deputy Mayor and Trustee. The letter states that Village Clerk Kathryn Ball was recently removed from her position by the village board, because it had not been approved, which means that official actions performed by Ball were withdrawn. Fonvil was appointed by Delhomme to fill his spot as Trustee and Deputy Mayor on December 2, and on Friday Delhomme appointed Miguelino Joseph for the remainder of the term as trustee, which will end November 2015, and appointed Trustee Anthony Leon to the position of Deputy Mayor. According to Dennis Lynch, who was hired by members of the board, the Mayor’s removal of Fonvil was not legal because Ball was legally able to swear a government officials in until her position was nullified at a recent reorganization meeting. Delhomme stated that he will be reinstating Ball and anyone whose position was nullified, except for Fonvil, when questioned why Delhomme stated that he was causing too much trouble for the board.

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