East Ramapo To Appeal State’s Decision for Third Time

The East Ramapo School District is announced plans to appeal a ruling made by the state Supreme Court stating that the district broke the law when they placed children with special education needs in private schools instead of utilizing better available options. School Board President Yehuda Weismandl stated that there is no financial reason for the district not to settle with parents and it is actually cheaper in the long run, since tuition for a private yeshiva is the same price as an education in a public school. According to officials paying the tuition to have students attend private schools outside of the district is best for the all students and that most of the parents of children with disabilities are members of the Orthodox Jewish community who would prefer that their children attend yeshivas so that their religious needs can be addressed more easily. The education department has stated in the past that the district’s actions are violating the Individuals with Disabilities Act and the state Supreme Court agreed, turning down East Ramapo’s second challenge in December.

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