Man Found In Bear Mountain State Park Haverstraw Ambulance Volunteer

The body of a man that was discovered Sunday in a car at Bear Mountain State Park was identified as 49- year old Richard Capper, a member of the Haverstraw Ambulance Corps. for twenty years. According to the corps. Captain Teresa Hamilton, Capper worked two shifts a week as a volunteer as well as his job as a state parks employee, and was a graduate of Rockland Community College. According to officials, Capper was plowing snow on Sunday when around 11:30 AM police discovered him unconscious in his truck, he was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Witness stated having seen Capper pulled from the truck just before it burst into flames and according to authorities no official cause of death has been ruled, though they are waiting for autopsy results while the investigation continues. No funeral details have been released yet.

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