Clarkstown Judge Accused of Hindering Homicide Investigation

A Clarkstown Judge and fire chief, Howard Gerber, has been accused of tipping off the daughter of recent murder victim Peggy Nadell, that the police had obtained a search warrant for her home. On Monday District Attorney Thomas Zugibe stated that his office will be investigating the accusations that were made by a document released by the Clarkstown Police Department, which states that Gerber had contacted Susanne Nadell- Scaccio via phone and his actions interfered with the investigation and put officers and detectives in danger. Gerber stated that he has known the Nadell- Scaccio advice on hiring a lawyer, he denied any knowledge of the accusations, saying, “Why they are saying I compromised an investigation is beyond any comprehension on my part. To this day I have no knowledge of any search warrant.” Clarkstown Police have not officially named a suspect, and according to Suzanne’s husband Robert Scaccio’s lawyer, Daniel Bertolino both husband an wife have cooperated with police and the search warrant seemed to be for bodily samples and to search their cars.

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