Spring Valley Disagreements May Lead to Court Dates

Tuesday’s Spring Valley Board of Trustees meeting brought up issues that trustees and Mayor Demeza Delhomme seemed unable to agree on, one that could end up in court. According to Village Trustee Vilair Fonvil many of the proposals the Mayor brought up were defeated at the meeting two weeks ago and the rules state that they couldn’t be voted on again. One of the topics was the resolution that meetings begin at 6:00 PM instead of the usual 8:00 PM. At the last meeting the Mayor, Village Attorney Jerrod Miles, and Village Clerk Kathy Ball left the meeting early, leading to the remaining trustees Fonvil, Emilia White, and Asher Grossman adopting the time change. Fonvil stated that the meeting began at 8:00 Tuesday night because, “The clerk never advertised the 6:00 meeting, she chose to disregard the resolution.” He also informed reporters that he and the other trustees were in the process of getting an attorney to represent the resolution in court.

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