State Denies Aid to Congers Elementary School

Clarkstown School Board members announced that the state will not be providing any aid towards the rebuilding of Congers Elementary at a meeting on Monday. According to Board of Education President Michael Aglialoro the meeting was held as a courtesy to residents, where Carl Thurnau of the State Education Department’s Office of Facilities Planning formally announced that state officials were going to stand by their oirginal decision from earlier this winter, that the school project is not eligible for aid. Residents will vote for a 6.5 million dollar bond that would go towards funding the project on february 4 at Lakewood Elementary, Clarkstown North High School, Link Elementary, and West Nyack Elementary. According to state officials there are an estimated sixty classrooms for the students to be redistricted to and that without state aid residents within the district will be paying $26 a year for the bond repayment, rather than $10 a year with state aid. Thurnau stated that the Congers building would become eligible for state aid if quote, “Other schools were taken off line to align enrollment with available space.” End quote. State Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski, who is a proponent of the historic building being rebuilt, stated that officials did not take into account that a lot of the space they estimated could be used as classrooms are already used for art and music.

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