State Troopers Injured in Car Chase Involving Drugs

Two State Troopers were inured in a car chase Monday that stretched from I-87 to Nyack Beach State Park. 39- year old Carlos M. Soto of New York City, was going 97 miles per hour when troopers made an attempt to pull him over. When reaching a dead end he turned and crashed into one of the trooper’s car and ran from the scene. After being tackled and physically resisting arrest Soto and two of the injured troopers were taken to Nyack Hospital and the man’s car was searched by police, who found nine grams of heroin, two grams of cocaine, and clonazepam pills. Soto was charged with misdemeanor counts of driving while impaired by drugs, fleeing police in a motor vehicle, seventh- degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, and third- degree assault.

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