Comptroller Certifies Rockland Deficit

According to Rockland County Executive Ed Day the county received a letter from the New York State Comptroller’s office on Monday stating that the deficit has been certified as 125.6 million dollars. This means that the county is able to begin the process of decreasing the deficit, through the 96 million dollar loan that was recently passed by the Governor, to be paid over a ten- year period. Day stated that his certification is not an instant solution, but a first step in the long process of relieving the county’s fiscal stress. According to the Journal News without the Comptroller’s certification the county would have had to borrow an additional 100 million dollars to cover loan repayment and cash flow. The remainder of 2013’s financial books are yet to be closed, so more issues may be expected, though officials are hopeful that the sale of the Summit Park Hospital and Nursing Home and the transfer of the In- Patient Mental Health Clinic to Nyack Hospital, will help keep things smooth in new year.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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