Union Disclaims Mayor Delhomme’s Statements on Snow Plows

The Civil Service Employees Association, the union which represents the village of Spring Valley’s public workers, stated on Thursday that Mayor Demeza Delhomme’s claims that he was following regulations when he took plows off the streets on Tuesday was not correct. According to spokeswoman Jessica Ladlee, the contract with the village requires a one- hour break for employees after twelve consecutive hours. On Wednesday at a press conference Delhomme stated that there was a required three- hour break after a consecutive eight- hours. Ladlee stated that the union workers were willing to stay on the streets for their full required amount of time, and a confusion in the rules may have had something to do with the situation. Confidential assistant to the mayor, Floyd Morse stated to the Journal News that the mayor simply wanted to ensure each driver got a break and wasn’t tired behind the wheel of the plow trucks. Also on Thursday Mayor Delhomme submitted a letter of termination for Deputy Village Attorney William Gerard. Reportedly the letter of termination did not give a reason for dismissal. Deputy Mayor Vilair Fonvil, who recommend that Gerard be hired last month, stated that he is a good lawyer and the mayor doesn’t have the power to fire him.

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