Spring Valley Board Meeting continues without Mayor

The Spring Valley Village board meeting attracted a large crowd yesterday when Mayor Delhomme was questioned decisions he has made regarding moving the Midget Football League office from the William Darden Center and relocating the after school program to the Center in its place. Delhomme’s explanation of the move is that the Louis Kurtz Civic Center, where the after-school program is currently located, will be undergoing renovations and that the decision regarding the move of the football league has not been finalized. Disparity continued as Delhomme requested Jerrod Miles, Village Attorney to read his two-year revitalization plan in which Delhomme states was shared with the Village Trustees last week…. a statement which seemed to take several of the trustees by surprise! Although Delhomme left the meeting at 10:25pm, Trustees Fonvil, White and Grossman continued with 12 unanimous resolutions not included on the Mayors agenda. Among the resolutions: requirement of written memorandums on verbal orders given by the mayor, reinstatement of the office of the football league and a resolution of prohibiting the relocation of the after-school program to the Darden Center.

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