Fare boxes for Rocklands TOR & Tappan Zee Express

Rocklands TOR and Tappan Zee Express Buses are making some changes, that include… not making change.

Electronic fare boxes are being installed. Riders will have the option of paying exact change or receiving an electronic charge card that will apply any overpayment to their next trip. Spokeswoman for the Rockland County Department of transportation, Susan Meyer, says the fare boxes are funded by a $2.4 million dollar Federal Transit Administration grant and this project costs approximately 1.3 Million.
Data will also be collected from the fare boxes, such as popular pick up times and locations, that can help improve the bus services.

The bus driver will still continue to verify Metro-North Railroad UniTickets, discounted SuperSaver tickets, college bus passes and transfers.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

Please click on the image below to view all snow closings for Rockland County.