Pay Cuts Expected in County Government

Rockland County Executive Ed Day announced Thursday that he is seeking five to twenty percent pay cuts for commissioners, directors, and deputies within his administration. Day stated that the cuts will affect both those who have been told that they will be rehired, as well as the departments that are still under review and he will be working with the Rockland Association of Management union to find appropriate salaries. Day, as well as new members of the administration such as new County Attorney Thomas Humbach, received a ten percent pay cut in the 2014 budget. Last week Day asked for letters of resignation from twenty- five officials and as of Thursday twelve had been told that they still maintained positions within the county and the rest will know within sixty days. Day stated that the pay cuts are a message of what to expect from the county government for 2014, a more efficient, cheaper model for tax payers.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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