County Begins Reorganizing Employees

County and town employees are facing termination as the New Year begins and officials reorganize. In Haverstraw Town Senior Leader Maureen Corallo, who was paid $16,000 a year and worked for the town for thirteen years, was fired from her position, which included acting as a connection between officials and the Haverstraw Senior Center, as well as contracting buses and programs for tours. Corallo stated that she was recently informed that the position will be abolished and she is sure that it has to do with her support of John Piperato in the Highway Superintendent election last year. Haverstraw Supervisor Howard Philips stated that the town was simply looking for ways to save money, as they have done every year. Also in Haverstraw Sheryl Croci, Confidential Secretary to former Highway Superintendent Frank Brooks, was fired from her position. According to officials newly elected George Wargo is entitled to choose his own team and  recently hired Annamaria Badenchini for the $41,000 yearly position as Confidential Secretary. Croci stated that her being fired was a result of a sexual harassment case against the town and a coworker. On a County level the first of the twenty- five employees who were asked to submit letters of resignation or intent was fired on Friday. C.J. Miller, the County Tourism Coordinator, who made $101,179 a year and worked for the county for nine years stated that the outcome was expected, though she chose not to resign and had expressed her interest in continuing with the county. County Executive Ed Day stated that the money will go towards the creation of a new economic growth department to bring in tourism and new businesses. According to Day another employee will be let go soon, though he did not state from which department.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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