Spring Valley Mayor Begins Reorganization of Village

Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme released his plan for the village on Thursday, while responding to questions raised by the Journal News about his purchase of a new SUV bought by the village. Delhomme stated that his staff brought up the idea of purchasing a new car rather than drive the “beaten up” car previously driven by former Mayor Noramie Jasmin. According to the mayor he traded in the old car to save the tax payers money, the $56,990 Ford Expedition cost the village $19,787. Last month Delhomme announced a policy that would prohibit volunteer firefighters who work for the village from responding to calls during the work day, though officials are working together to create a schedule for employees. Delhomme stated that his plans include fixing the Village Hall phone systems, continuing to file personnel applications left from the former administration, and dealing with reportedly bad attendance at the department of public works. According to Delhomme out of the 27 within the department 10 people called in sick or injured.

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