Religious School Faces Violations in Clarkstown

A Ramapo based congregation is being accused by Clarkstown officials of violating a state judge’s order to shut down a school located at 100 South Central Ave in Nanuet, which was repeatedly reported for violations in zoning and safety issues, such as working without a permit and having no certificate of occupancy. The congregation was brought to Town Court and fined, but made no changes. According to Clarkstown Supervisor Alexander Gromack, the school, which has fifty dormitories on the campus with three students to each room, is still in use because when fire fighters recently responded to a false fire alarm they found garbage and food. According to Fire Inspector Vincent Narciso the possibility of the garbage being left by workers is unlikely because there have been no improvements made to the violations. Gromack stated that the town is not taking the situation lightly and will be bringing evidence forward to the state Supreme Court, requesting higher fines or jail time.

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