Rockland Legislature Approves Two Resolutions: Could Be Financial Turning Point

The Rockland Legislature’s Budget and Finance Committee approved two resolutions yesterday that could be the turning point for the county’s financial future.

The first resolution voted on with a vote of 10-0 was borrowing $96-million, the same amount of the county’s audited budget deficit.  On Tuesday, the full legislature will get their chance to vote on the matter, then its on to the state senate and assembly before Governor Andrew Cuomo can sign off on it.

The second resolution, with a vote of 9-1 approved an incentive program to cut expenses by reducing more county workers.  The budget currently calls for $4.1-million in salary savings.

East Ramapo School Board Gambles on Lottery Money to Balance Budget

The East Ramapo School Board is taking a gamble relying on state lawmakers to come through with $3.5-million in state lottery funding to balance next year’s $209.9-million budget.

East Ramapo School District

East Ramapo School District

If the money does not come through, the district will be left with the difficult decision to make $3.5-million in additional budget cuts, eliminating all sports, clubs and 28 employees.  This could potentially affect twleve teachers, two guidance counselors, eight nurses and six security guards.

Normally, East Ramapo would receive the lottery money in September 2014 as part of its annual state aid award.  The board is asking the lawmakers pass special legislation that would give them the money in June 2014.

State Senator David Carlucci and other representatives are drafting up a bill that would support speeding up the lottery monies to June so it can be counted as revenue in the 2013-14 year.


East Ramapo To Face Budget Shortfall

tulipsThe East Ramapo School Board is working to close in on a $2.3-million shortfall in next year’s budget. School officials presented a $212.8-million spending plan for 2013-14 yesterday. That’s up $20-million over the budget passed last year. The plan includes a tax levy increase of about 3.1-percent. The board says the increase comes under the state-mandated cap. This will be the third year East Ramapo has operated on a deficit. Last year, the district had to borrow $7.5-million to balance this year’s budget.

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