Mark Hanok's forecasts are broadcast every 20 minutes, 24/7.Only on WRCR 1700, YOUR HOMETOWN RADIO STATION! Visit Mark at

Mark Hanok's forecasts are broadcast every 20 minutes, 24/7.
Only on WRCR 1700, YOUR HOMETOWN RADIO STATION! Visit Mark at Math Weather Website

Mark Hanok’s Long-Range Forecast (Text)

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Exactly as broadcast on Radio Rockland WRCR, Monday, October 17, 2016
Mark Hanok, Meteorologist
November 2016
Temperatures above normal
Precipitation below normal
The atmosphere likes to stay in a warm, very dry weather pattern, and that’s exactly the trend through the first three weeks of the month. After one of the warmest and driest Septembers and Octobers ever recorded, we’ll just continue with the same runway extreme dryness and temperatures well above normal including highs in the 60‘s. It will be a sunny, very mild first week, then during the second week a Great Lakes storm will push far to our west and bring windy conditions but only light rain and showers. Very mild, very dry weather will prevail through the third week, and it will be very difficult to break this pattern but arctic air will try to push southward into our region around the 20th-22nd with a Nor’Easter that could bring an early season blizzard two days before Thanksgiving, with 12” to 20” of snow, highs only in the teens and winds gusting over 50 MPH. During the last week of the month, just sunny to partly sunny windy and very cold for so early in the season.
December 2016
Temperatures above normal
Precipitation above normal
It looks like we may finally get a break in the extreme drought pattern this month, and even though temperatures will be slightly warmer than normal, it will seem like a very cold month, after so many months with temperatures that were well above normal. A quick warm-up will take over during the first week, with the jet stream far to the north. Ahead of a strong cold front, we’ll get much-needed heavy rains with highs around 60 degrees. Colder air will arrive during the second week as heavy lake-effect snows stay well to our west and northwest; we’ll get only occasional snow showers and strong winds. Around the middle of the month, milder air will try to push northward while cold air holds on at the surface and we may get a major icing event with light snow changing to sleet and freezing rain, then warmer with heavy rains and even very rare December thunderstorms. Then much colder on December 17th-21st and a classic Alberta Clipper will race southeastward to the Great Lakes and bring a few inches to half a foot of snow along with winds gusting over 40 MPH. Very cold, very dry weather will follow the storm, then a sunny Christmas Day with milder air, and colder again to end the year.
January 2017
Temperatures normal
Precipitation below normal
As the brand-new year begins, the atmosphere will do what it does best: revert back to very dry. Temperatures will stay well above normal about half the time this month, while very cold air will be in place on about half the days. After a windy and moderately cold New Year’s Day, milder air will take over on a southwesterly flow as all the action stays far to the west, with one major winter storm after another in the Midwest and western Great Lakes. In our area we’ll get very little precipitation through the first ten days of the year and we’ll get at least some sunshine each day. As bitterly cold, arctic air arrives on the 12th-15th, a powerful storm will slide eastward to Tennessee and the Carolinas with two feet of snow in the central and southern Appalachians and no snow in the Hudson Valley. However, another Alberta Clipper will move from Minnesota to southern New England and bring a few inches of snow to the Hudson Valley on the 17th- 19th and very cold air on the 20th-24th. Then a rapid warming trend with sunny, very dry conditions during the last five days of the month.
February 2017
Temperatures above normal
Precipitation above normal
It will seem like a cold month yet temperatures will be slightly warmer than normal, as the jet stream stays to the north over central Canada while the storm track is well to our west. A major storm from the Ohio Valley to central Pennsylvania will bring heavy rain to the Hudson Valley to begin the month, followed by fine February weather from the 4th through the 10th. Skies will be sunny with mild air. Then another major storm will slide across the northern Great Plains and western Great Lakes continuing the mild weather, then heavy rain around the middle of the month. Arctic air wrapping around the storm will change the rain to heavy wet snow, with up to a foot of snow on the 16th-18th especially northern and western sections. It will be windy and very cold, then much warmer on the 20th-23rd with partly sunny skies and highs in the 50’s. Arctic air will  return on the 24th-28th.

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Marks Long Range Forecast Oct. 2016 (Audio)

Hudson Valley Weather Forecast – Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Official Hudson Valley Weather Forecast

Sunday,  February 19, 2017


Today: A fine February early May spectacular! Mostly sunny with near-record warmth. High: 57-62.

Tonight: Mostly clear and cool. Low: 32-37.

Monday: Bright sunshine and cooler but 15 degrees above normal. High: 45-50.

Monday Night: Mostly clear and cool. Low: 33-38.

Tuesday: Sunshine followed by increasing cloudiness and mild; the chance of showers in 50-55.

Wednesday: Occasional rain and very mild. High: 52-57.

Thursday: Partly sunny and unseasonably mild. High: 55-60.

Friday: Mostly cloudy and continued mild with occasional rain. High: 50-55.

Saturday: Partly sunny, breezy and cooler. High: 45-50.

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