Boulders Big Finale

It was a big weekend for the Boulders, who played their final game of the season Monday night. Friday night the Boulders won the final game in the away series against the Quebec Capitals 6-0. In the first inning Edmondson hit his 12th homerun of the season, bringing in three runs for Rockland. In the fourth the Boulders scored two more runs and one more in the fifth. Budkevics pitched the entire game and allowing only four hits. On Saturday night the Boulders faced the Newark bears in the first of their three game home series, losing 7-6. Though they lost spirits were high in the crowd, as the stadium put on “Paint the Park Pink” for breast cancer awareness, and ended the night on a good note when survivors formed a ribbon on the field. Sunday night brought international attention to the stadium when the Boulders debuted 37- year old South Korean businessman, Min Hur, in the first game of his professional career as their knuckleball pitcher for the night. The game was aired on the Korean equivalent of ESPN as well as local cable channels bringing in more than 50 million viewers. The team lost 6-2, Hur pitching the first three innings, allowing five runs. And on Monday the Boulders ended their successful season with a win over the Newark Bears 3-0. The Can Am League playoffs begin Wednesday between the Quebec Capitals and the New Jersey Jackals.

Boulders Win 3-0

The Boulders won against the Quebec Capitals 3-0 in last night’s game. Five different pitchers, including fan favorite Pat Moran, lead the team through a scoreless game. In the fourth inning Cardullo gave Rockland the lead with a run and Nyisztor followed by bringing Molina home for a score of 2-0. The Boulders held the offensive through all nine innings and took the win. The teams play their final game tonight in Quebec and return to Provident Bank Park tomorrow night.

Boulders Lose To Quebec

The Boulders lost last night against the Quebec capitals 4-3. The Rockland team is officially out of the running for the playoffs, which will begin Wednesday September 4 between Quebec and the New Jersey jackals. Though they will not be in the playoffs, the Boulders have five more games left, two more in Canada, the rest at home against the Newark bears. They play tonight against Quebec at 7:00 and will return to Provident Bank Park on Saturday at 6:30 pm.

Boulders Out of Playoffs, Despite Win Last Night

The Boulders won against the Quebec Capitals last night 10-5. The Boulders remain in third place in the Can Am League, and New Jersey will officially face Quebec in the league playoffs. Rockland and Quebec play again tonight at 7:05 in Canada.

Rockland Loses Series To Jackals

The Rockland Boulders have lost the series against the Can Am League second place holders, the New Jersey Jackals, when they lost 6-0 in last night’s game. The Jackals held the entire seven- inning game, though officials ended it early due to a rain delay. Rockland will play Quebec in the first game in a four game away series tonight at 7:00 PM.

Boulders Losing Series to Jackals, Last Game Tonight

The Rockland boulders won to the New Jersey Jackals 5-2 on Friday afternoon, and lost 4-3 in the second game of the double header played at Provident Bank Park. And continuing the theme, the Boulders lost again at Saturday’s game 5-3. The team was able to hold a tied score of 2-2 until the Jackals added three runs by the fifth inning. The Boulders sadly lost again in Sunday’s game 5-2. The Boulders are now five games from second place, trailing to New Jersey. The final game will be played tonight at Provident Bank Park. You can listen to the game live at 1300 AM WRCR or online at

Boulders Win The Series Against Kansas City

The Boulders won the series against the Kansas City T-Bones after last night’s victory of 3-1. After a tough game between Pat Moran and T-Bones pitcher Rick Zagone, the Boulders gained a 1-0 lead by the fourth inning. By the eighth the Boulders held the lead 3-0 and finished up the game allowing only one run by Kansas City. This win puts Rockland back in the race to the playoffs getting closer to regaining second place after the Jackals loss to Quebec last night. The Boulders have tonight off and return home tomorrow night to face the Jackals in a double header starting at 5:00.

Boulders Lose Second Game Against T-Bones

The Boulders lost the second game in their away series against the Kansas City T-Bones 7-5. By the fourth inning the T-Bones had a 4-1 lead in a tight game, with the Boulders following in the fifth with three runs, tying the score 4-4. The Boulders gained another run when Danny Bomback walked to first with the bases loaded. The T-Bones scored two more runs by the final inning, winning the game. Rockland and Kansas City face off again tonight at 8:05.

Boulders Win Against T-Bones

The Boulders beat out the Kansas City T-Bones last night with a score of 7-5. The game started with Kansas gaining a 3-0 lead by the third inning, but the Boulders soon scored four runs. In the fourth the T-Bones tied up the score 5-5 and in the top of the eighth Nandin brought in two runs with a hit to far left field, giving the Boulders the win. The Boulders are now 2 and a half game away from second place, currently being held by the New Jersey jackals. Rockland will go against Kansas City again tonight at 8:05 and will return to Provident Bank Park on August 24 to face the Jackals in a five game series.

Boulders Lose Series To Lincoln Saltdogs

The Boulders weekend series against the Lincoln Saltdogs ended with the Boulders loss. On Friday the Boulders lost 3-2, playing thirteen innings against the Saltdogs. But on Saturday the Boulders won 2-1, Webb scoring the first run and Cardullo the second. On Sunday the Boulders lost again 4-0, ultimately losing the series against the American Association team. This loss leaves Rockland in third place in the Can Am League, trailing behind New Jersey in second and quebec in first. The Boulders move on in their road trip to play the Kansas City T-Bones tonight at 8:05 and will return to Provident Bank Park to face the New Jersey Jackals on August 23.