NYPD Officer Who Was Shot, Returns Home to Garnerville

One of two New York City police officers, who was shot while pursuing suspects in an armed robbery in the Bronx, returned home to Garnerville on Wednesday. 38-year old Rockland County resident Aliro Pellerano suffered gunshot wounds to his arm and chest, when he and his partner, Andrew Dossi of Stony Point, tracked down the suspects at the end of their shift around 10:30 Monday night. Dossi remains in St. Barnabas Hospital for another operation for gunshot wounds to his arm and back. Police arrested 24-year old Jason Polanco and 28-year old Joshua Kemp on Tuesday. Polanco was charged with attempted murder of a police officer, attempted murder, robbery, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon. Kemp received treatment for a gunshot wound to his arm and was charged with criminal possession of stolen property, robbery, grand larceny, and criminal possession of weapon.

Tappan Zee Accident Revisited

According to a spokeswoman for Tappan Zee constructors, last month’s accident on the company’s cement construction barge is still being investigated. Carla Julian stated to the Journal News on Tuesday that construction will continue as planned, though, since silos fell over and have halted the production of cement on the site, trucks will be carrying in product from the shore. The deliveries will be coming from the Rockland side of the river, and trucks will travel maintenance roads from the thruway while crews continue to repair the damaged plants. The thruway authority and Tappan Zee constructors are continuing to investigate what caused the silos to fall over and what impact the repairs will have on the construction schedule.

Two Police Officers Shot

Two off-duty New York City police officers who are Rockland residents were shot on Monday night while responding to an armed robbery in the Bronx. Officers Andrew Dossi of Stony Point and Aliro Pellerano of Garnerville were both injured in the shooting while pursuing two men who had robbed a bodega around 10:30 pm. Dossi, a 30- year old army staff sergeant who has been in the NYPD for eight years, was hit in the arm and back. According to his father Joseph Dossi of Stony Point, his son is in stable condition after surgery. According to reports 38-year old Pellerano, who lives in Garnerville with his children and wife, is also in stable condition after being treated for gunshot wounds to his arm and chest. Police arrested two men on Tuesday, one injured in the shooting as well, and are filing various charges against them.

Pipeline Hearing Announced

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation will be holding hearings for public discussion on the plan to expand the Algonquin Pipeline owned by Spectra Energy that will run through Rockland and Westchester counties to transport natural gas, if the proper permits are approved. Many residents have expressed their opposition to the pipeline, which the federal energy regulatory commission stated has the possibility to result in negative environmental impacts. The meeting for Rockland will be held in Stony Point on January 22 at 6 pm at the Stony Point Community Center on Clubhouse Lane.

Legislator Joseph Meyers Removed from Democratic Majority

Rockland Democratic Legislator Joseph Meyers was removed from the Democratic majority by fellow members last week. In a letter signed by ten Democrats in the Legislature, the Legislator was told that his lack of attendance at multiple Democratic events show he has, “Made it plain to us that you do not share our commitment to work together.” The letter also states that by doing so, Meyers will be removed from the majority for 2015. According to Meyers his common disagreement with the Democratic votes is what led to the decision, especially his support of Republican County Executive Ed Day. Meyers stated that he will continue attending leadership meetings as one of the leaders of Preserve Ramapo.

Spring Valley Board Votes No on New Positions

On Monday afternoon the Spring Valley Village Board of Trustees met to discuss Mayor Demeza Delhomme’s proposal to fire ten full-time employees. The mayor presented the idea to use just over $600,000 to hire three assistant building inspectors, two fire inspectors, and five code enforcement officers, as well as the recently proposed four part-time fire inspectors. The board voted not to pass the proposal with a 2-2 vote, Trustee Anthony Leon and Mayor Delhomme voting yes, Trustees Vilair Fonvil and Asher Grossman voting no, and Trustee Emilia White abstaining. Fonvil and Grossman stated at the meeting that setting aside $600,000 made no sense and, though safety and code enforcement are important, the decision should wait until an expert’s report can be filed. White stated that she needed to speak with the village Treasurer first, who did not attend the meeting. Delhomme set the emergency meeting after two separate suspicious fires destroyed one illegal boarding house and one illegal dormitory in a yeshiva last week.

Former Rockland Legislator Will Not Face Charges

A former Rockland County Legislator who faced accusations earlier this summer from a woman who claimed he had drugged her and sexually assaulted her. On Monday it was announced that Sanford Rubenstein, an attorney in New York City and former Wesley Hills resident, will not face charges for the woman’s claims that he attended Reverend Al Sharpton’s 60th birthday party and then returned to his apartment where the woman has no recollection of events but woke up to find evidence that she had been assaulted. A spokeswoman for Rubenstein stated on Monday that the physical and surveillance video, as well as results from various toxicology tests, there will be no criminal charges filed.

Pearl River Robbery

According to Orangetown Police, multiple suspects broke into a Pearl River store on New Year’s Eve to steal money and cigarettes. Police stated that early Wednesday morning the burglars broke into a side door at Smiley Food Mart and took twenty cartons of cigarettes and money from the register, before dragging the ATM outside into the parking lot and breaking into it. The group stole an unknown amount of cash from the ATM and police are continuing investigations into the evidence collected at the scene. If anyone has information on the robbery, call Orangetown Police at 845-359-3700.

Building Violations a Common Issue in Spring Valley House Fires

JUst after midnight on Saturday morning, firefighters responded to a house fire on Johnson Street in Spring Valley. According to officials the building was acting as an illegal boarding house, with eight families living there, and faced multiple violations including having no smoke alarms inside. All fourteen adults and four children, one a newborn baby, were able to get out of the building before the fire spread, but have been left homeless by the blaze. The Redcross is caring for the families and investigators stated there will be a summons for electrical violations filed against the landlord. Less than two days before the fire on Johnson Street, a building housing a Yeshiva and Dormitory on Funston Avenue was also destroyed by fire. Officials stated that the fire, which started on the back porch, appears to be suspicious and both could have been prevented if regulations had been followed. The Yeshiva had dozens of students living in the attic area, and fire officials are once again raising concerns of illegally converted buildings, which create life threatening problems for firefighters and those living there. No summons have been filed against the yeshiva as of yet, and investigations into the cause are ongoing. Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme set a Village Board meeting for 2:00 Monday afternoon to discuss hiring four part-time Fire Inspectors.

Woman Indicted on Charges for Hitting Police Officers with Car

A 22-year old Suffern woman was indicted on Wednesday on charges she was accused of in July 2014. Iliana Negron was arrested last summer after two police officers were seriously injured when her car crashed into a police car, which then hit the officers who were conducting interviews on the side of the road at the time. Negron was charged with first-degree and second-degree vehicular assault, as well as aggravated driving while intoxicated and driving while intoxicated, for handling a vehicle with a blood alcohol level of .20%.

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