5 Juveniles Arrested Last Week after Incident at Monsey Supermarket

Ramapo Police reportedly arrested several juveniles last week after an incident at a supermarket in Monsey last week. A video posted on TheYeshivaWorld.com reportedly shows the teens throwing items at shoppers near the front of the Evergreen Supermarket on Route 59. Supervisor Michael Specht told “The Morning Show” Friday though the video was disturbing, nobody appeared to get hurt…

Audio: Michael Specht

The same group of kids was reportedly causing trouble at the store earlier in the week, and according to TheYeshivaWorld, they had come back for a bike that had been left behind after they were chased away by a store manager. No further information was available.

New City Man Helps Petitioner Deliver Signatures Seeking Restoration of “Tappan Zee” Bridge Name

A New City man helped Portchester’s Monroe Mann last week deliver 110,000 signatures in support of restoring the name “Tappan Zee” to the new bridge. Joe Ciardullo, who is running as a Reform Party candidate for the 17th Congressional District, told “The Morning Show” yesterday he’s concerned about more than just the bridge’s name…

Audio: Joe Ciardullo

Naming the new bridge after former Governor Mario Cuomo has been a source of controversy when it was added in at the eleventh hour at the end of the 2017 legislative session.

Clarkstown Police CIRT Handles Man Threatening to Harm Himself In Nyack

No reported arrests following a situation over the weekend in Nyack in which Clarkstown police talked a distraught man with weapons out of his house and got him treatment at Nyack hospital. Supervisor George Hoehmann couldn’t say much about the specific incident, but says the Clarkstown Police Department’s Critical Incident Response Team does periodically need to handle similar situations…

Audio: George Hoehmann

The man was reportedly hospitalized after threatening to harm himself during a standoff with police Saturday night.

Your Personal Environment Program at JCC Wednesday

There’s a special event at the JCC of Rockland being held tomorrow about your own, personal environment. Lou Morris of the AARP says the guest speaker from the Rockland County Office for the Aging will educate people about the health of their home, inside and out.…

Audio: Lou Morris

The event starts at 12:30 Wednesday and is being held at the JCC in West Nyack.

Spring Valley Fire Chief Rescues Man Rescuing Kitten from Tree

You know how firefighters are called to rescue kittens out of trees, right? That’s kind of what happened recently in Spring Valley. According to DailyVoice.com, Spring Valley’s Fire Chief Ray Canario had to rescue another man who went to get a kitten out of a tree. Turns out, the man’s 6-foot ladder wasn’t enough to get the cat out of the tree and once up in the tree, he couldn’t get back down without the kitten. The chief reportedly arrived with the taller ladder and all reached the ground safe and sound.

Ramapo Attorney To Leave by End of June after SEC Settlement

Ramapo’s attorney will be leaving his position by the end of June. That’s according to Supervisor Michael Specht, who told “The Morning Show” Friday that following the settlement of his case with the SEC last week, he has agreed to give up his job with the town and pay a fine. Specht says the SEC still has a case against former supervisor Chris St. Lawrence, but it’s not clear whether he personally would be liable for damages or the town would…

Audio: Michael Specht

Former Ramapo Supervisor Chris St. Lawrence was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison, three years of supervised release and a $75,000 fine on his fraud conviction. He began serving his sentence in March.

TZB Supporters Hope to Get “Tappan Zee” back into Bridge’s Official Name

The fierce debate over the new name of the Tappan Zee Bridge could come down to a legislative fight against the governor. Rockland Business Association CEO Al Samuels says the fight from the opponents’ perspective has little to do with keeping the Tappan Zee name or honoring folk singer Pete Seeger…

Audio: Al Samuels

County Executive Ed Day agrees politics is involved, but that’s also because the way it was done by the governor at the eleventh hour during budget talks left a bad taste in voters’ mouths…

Audio: Ed Day

Day hopes local state representatives sign on to the bills that have been introduced in both the Senate and Assembly to call the bridge “The Mario M. Cuomo-Tappan Zee Bridge.”

Rockland County Pride Center Gets $200,000 State Grant

The Rockland County Pride Center was given $200,000 in state grant money Friday to help fund construction of its new facility, currently being built in Nyack. State Senator David Carlucci says the Pride Center is an important resource to Nyack and the county but also to the larger community…

Audio: David Carlucci

Center Director Brook Malloy and Nyack Mayor Don Hammond say the money will go a long way to helping the center serve the area’s LGBTQ community…

Audio: Malloy-Hammond

The money will be used for a new roof and windows, and a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

Safety Features on New Bridge Should Prevent Traffic Nightmares After Friday Accident

Future accidents on the bridge won’t be the mess it was Friday once the new bridge is complete and open next year. Fios1-News reports the tractor-trailer collided with a construction vehicle and rolled onto its side early Friday morning, leaving the southbound lanes shut for hours during the morning commute and thousands stuck with nowhere to go. The new bridge will have breakdown lanes in both directions, making it possible for emergency workers get to an accident site and traffic to get through. It will also reportedly have water lines for fire departments to use in an emergency.

Senate Bill that would Crack Down on Illegal Housing Passes

The State Senate yesterday passed a bill that would crack down on illegal housing. Rockland Senator David Carlucci says the bill would improve code enforcement and allow municipalities to financially take on landlords who put renters in harm’s way…

Audio: David Carlucci

Carlucci says the bill would also help keep first responders and firefighters safe by discouraging illegal housing.

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