Spring Valley Women Arrested in String of Burglaries

According to Spring Valley Police they have arrested two women who have been breaking into homes throughout the village. Lt. Richard Olezschuk stated that 19-year old Kayla Sheppard and 18-year old Quanasia Harvey-White, both of Spring Valley were arrested on Wednesday after being accused of stealing personal items and money from various homes on Twin Avenue, Lafayette Street, Hoffman Street, Bethune Boulevard, and Union Road, during the day by entering through unlocked doors and windows. Both women are charged with second-degree burglary. Harvey-White is being held on $15,000 bond or $1,000 cash and Sheppard is being held on $10,000 bond or cash.

Ramapo Men Arrested had Connection to Mob

On Thursday a unit led by the Rockland District Attorney’s Office and the FBI arrested two men with connections to the mob on charges of racketeering and conspiracy. 61-year old Daniel Pagano of Ramapo was arrested at his home along with an assoiciate, 49-year old Michael Palazzolo who was also charged with conspiracy to commit extortion. According to prosecutors Pagano is a captain in the Genovese crime family, involved in illegal gambling, loan sharking, and making threats to gamblers to obtain money for leaders of the organization. District Attorney Thomas Zugibe stated the unit has been investigating the men since 2009 using eavesdropping warrants and obtaining evidence. Pagano faces twenty years in prison and Palazzolo faces as many 40 years. Pagano’s attorney Murray Richman stated that his client pleaded not guilty and will most likely be using his home on Cherry Lane as collateral for bail.

Boulders Recap

The Boulders played their second game against the Trois Riveres Aigles last night at Provident Bank Park. By the bottom of the fourth inning the Boulders looked hopeful with a leading score of 7-6, but in the seventh and eighth innings the Aigles took the lead and won the game 10-7. The Boulders remain in first place in the league and will play again tonight at 7:00 at Provident Bank Park. You can listen live at WRCR 1300 AM or online at wrcr.com.

Spring Valley Mayor Court Hearing Set

Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme remains in jail following his arrest on Friday based on state Supreme Court Judge Gerald Loehr’s charge of contempt. At a Thursady hearing last week Loehr ordered that the mayor facilitate the trustees’ decision to open the summer camp, by making the Louis Kurtz Center accessible. On Friday morning Trustee Vilair Fonvil and former Village Clerk Sherry Scott arrived to open the building and stated that many of the offices remained locked. Delhomme’s lawyer Jared Viders stated that he was hoping to get the mayor out on Monday, but was told to return Tuesday. Viders also stated that Delhomme complied with the order, to open the center. Sonia Barton, who was suspended from the position of Youth Director but was hired by trustees as a private contractor stated that she is attempted to put together a different program due to the little time left this summer, but it would require approvals from the Health Department. The mayor will attend a hearing this morning where a decision will be made on his release.

Pearl River Vandalism Continues

More vandalism has been reported in Pearl River, a week after a family’s home on North Lincoln Street was attacked with anti-semitic graffiti. According to Jim Van Houtan Farms on Sickletown Road, on Sunday morning at 8:30 workers discovered that over the weekend vandals plastered anti-semitic graffiti consisting of swastikas and other forms of profanity on greenhouses, as well as destroyed cash registers, sprinkler heads, tore down the flagpole, overturned potted plants, and released the garden center’s fifteen-year old rabbit who found her way back the next day. Van Houtan stated that he is not Jewish, which makes him and police wonder if those responsible are ignorantly searching for something to draw. Orangetown Police stated they are investigating the incident and are unaware if there is a connection to the attacks on North Lincoln.

Boulders Recap

On Friday the Boulders lost their third game against the New Jersey Jackals, losing 4 to 3. On Saturday they finished up the series against New Jersey winning 1-0 and on Sunday they played their first home game against the Trois Riveres Aigles winning 9-5. The two teams play again tonight at 7:00 at Provident Bank Park. Listen live at WRCR 1300 AM or online at wrcr.com.

Serious Injuries in Car Accident on the PIP

According to officials a woman was critically injured when the car she was a passenger in rolled over on the Palisades Interstate Parkway near Stony Point and hit a tree around around 12:20 PM on Sunday. Officials stated that both the driver and passenger were in their twenties and from Long Island, when the car flipped paramedics were forced to extricate the passenger and flown to Westchester Medical Center for multiple fractures and internal injuries. The woman driving was able to free herself and was taken to Nyack Hospital for serious, but non-life threatening injuries. Police stated that they are investigating the site and witnesses reported that a possible tire burst could be responsible.

Spring Valley Mayor Jailed

According to Spring Valley Village Attorney Jerrod Miles Mayor Demeza Delhomme was jailed on Friday after state Supreme Court Judge Gerald Loehr found him to be in contempt of court. On Thursday Loehr ruled that Delhomme must follow a previous order to allow the village summer camp to be held at the Louis Kurtz Center, regardless of personnel issues that resulted from the mayor’s suspension of Youth Director Sonia Barton from her position. Loehr stated at the hearing that if the building wasn’t opened for the camp Delhomme would be arrested and jailed. About twenty children had been signed up for camp when Trustee Vilair Fonvil and former Clerk Sherry Scott arrived at 9:00 AM on Friday and several office doors remained locked, making the preparation difficult. Another hearing was held and Loehr ordered that Delhomme be placed in jail until he appropriately followed the order. Miles stated that they were shocked that the mayor was imprisoned for not unlocking doors. Dennis Lynch, attorney for three village trustees Fonvil, Emilia White, and Asher Grossman, stated that the mayor learned his lesson the hard way. Delhomme was still being held on Sunday and Deputy Mayor Anthony Leon will be filling in, in the meantime.

County Executive Vetoes Charter Amendments

County Executive Ed Day released a statement on Thursday announcing that he vetoed the Legislature’s proposed reform to the 30-year old charter. Ed Day stated that the charter was meant to have many changes made, including term limits and special elections to fill vacancies on the Legislature, rather than the current charter’s system, in which legislators are appointed to fill empty spaces. Day stated that the law was, “weak on ethical standards and comprehensive oversight.” According to the County Executive the proposal included good changes to the budget and a new provision for the Deputy County Executive’s appointment, but he will not approve a charter if it does not include term limits and elections. The Legislature has the opportunity to override the veto of the law, which would have been finalized in November, on August 6.

Spring Valley Mayor Ordered, Again, to Open Summer Camp

According to a ruling made by state Supreme Court Justice Gerald Loehr on Thursday, Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme must comply with a resolution passed by the village board on July 2. The resolution stated that the summer camp normally held at the Louis Kurtz Center must be opened and allowed back into the building. The camp was suspended at the beginning of the summer due to late paperwork and a personnel issue after Delhomme suspended Youth Director Sonia Barton who was in charge of the program. Delhomme stated at the hearing that the director was still suspended, so the camp may not be able to start up, due to a lack of staff, even with access to the building. According to the trustees, despite the first ruling from July that Delhomme follow the resolution, he had Barton barred from entering the building though he has denied the accusations. When the Mayor stated that he disagreed with the board and as mayor he should be running the village, not the trustees, Loehr ordered that he abide by the ruling and have the center open for camp by this morning, if not the judge would issue a warrant for his arrest. This was the second threat of arrest Thursday, first Loehr was about to issue a warrant after Delhomme missed the original 9:30 AM hearing time, but instead they rescheduled for 2:00 PM. After the hearing village Attorney Jerrod Miles stated to the press that the village would be following the order to open the center saying it was never intended to be closed. Trustee Vilair Fonvil stated that though it might be too late to start up the camp now, the village will do their best to let children attend.