Toddler Killed by Vehicle in Parking Lot

Police responded to a Rose Avenue apartment complex in Spring Valley on Friday morning after a 20-month old boy was reported to be hit and killed by a pickup truck in the parking lot arounf 8:30 AM. The child’s name was not released, police stated that he lived in the complex with his family and was apparently in the care of an older sibling at the time of the accident. The boy was pronounced dead at the scene and his mother was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital for evaluation and treatment after she returned to the complex. No charged have been filed against the 33-year old truck driver who police stated was backing up the vehicle and didn’t see the child. An investigation by the Spring Valley Police and Clarkstown Accident Reconstruction team was opened and continues into the incident and according to Sargent Chris Korba the names of the child and driver will be released to the public when the investigation is finished.

Boulders Recap

The Boulders played their final game against the Quebec Capitales last night after losing the first two. In the first inning Rockland score two runs and held the lead the rest of the game. Rockland pitcher Stephen Harrold struck out five batters; the Boulders have won six of the seven games Harrold started since the season began. In the fifth inning the Boulders scored another run and in the seventh a two run homer gave them the winning score of 5-0. They return home to Provident Bank Park tonight at 7:00 to begin a three-game series against the Trois Riveres Aigles. And stop by the park tomorrow night at 6:30 for Irish Heritage night. Listen to all the home games live on WRCR 1300 AM or online at

Safety Zone for Tappan Zee Bridge

The Coast Guard announced this week that they approved a two-mile safety zone around the Tappan Zee Bridge construction site. The area is along the Rockland County shoreline where the barges and other pieces of construction equipment are moored, and will be marked by buoys and patrolled by the police and the Coast Guard. The previously set up Regulated Navigation Area, that is patrolled by the Coast Guard will be separate from the safety zone. The RNA allows boaters to travel through the area, which extends 500 yards both north and south from the current Tappan Zee Bridge, but only at a maximum speed of five knots and the Coast Guard can ban boats during construction.

Haverstraw Town and Village to Study Combining Courts

According to officials the town and the village of Haverstraw have applied for $100,000 in state aid to fund a study of whether it would be financially worth it to combine courts or continue having police work with three separate court. The village got rid of their police force in 2005 and since then the town’s police have been working cases with courts for the town, village, and West Haverstraw. According to Supervisor Howie Phillips the study would be completed to determine how much money and time would be saved if officers did not have to travel farther distances with suspects, less time spent traveling would mean a more efficient system for officer coverage for residents. According to village law a suspect must be arraigned in the respective village court, so currently police must drive a suspect from headquarters in Garnerville to one of the three courts, instead of using the closest courthouse, officials estimate that the time spent with a suspect would significantly drop from an hour and a half. Mayor of West Haverstraw John Ramundo stated that he supported doing the study but the four village trustees against it. Mayor of the village of Haverstraw, Michael Kohut, stated that consolidating would make the police force more efficient,and the study can’t hurt and may even make the village eligible for a tax rebate from Governor Cuomo’s tax freeze program for 2016.

Boulders Recap

The Boulders lost their second game against Quebec Les Capitales last night 10-4. In the second inning Quebec took the lead with five runs, Rockland attempted to bring in some runs but by the end of the inning they were trailing with a score of zero to Quebec’s seven. In the seventh inning Rockland scored two runs and two more in the eighth, but it wasn’t enough and Les Capitales scored three more runs by the end of the game. The Boulders remain in second place in the Can Am League and play Les Capitales again tonight at 7:05 in Quebec.

Chestnut Ridge Nature Summer Camp Vandalized

According to police a summer camp in the same area as camp Shalom at Chestnut Ridge Middle School, was vandalize around the same time as the pool was sliced open. Detective Lt. Mark Emma stated that the camp, which is a nature camp that leases property at the Green Meadow School on Hungry Hollow Road, is walking distances from Camp Shalom and there is no evidence of the first act being antisemitic. Emma stated that the Nature Place Day Camp reported Monday that they had three of their teepees ripped, posters burned, and damage done to the bathroom. According to Emma it appears that the two acts may have taken place at the same time, possibly by the same people. Ramapo Police will continue to investigate both events.

North Airmont Road Closure

North Airmont Road will be closed from Friday July 18 at 10:00 AM until Sunday July 20 at 4:00 PM. According to an announcement released by the town of Ramapo work will be going on to repair the Norfolk-Southern Railroad tracks that pass through the road, and according to Supervisor St.Lawrence they could be finished working as early as Saturday afternoon. A detour will take drivers to the New York State Thruway and local traffic and business will be able to use the road. Electronic signs will be used to designate detours and the closure to motorists. Skip Vezzetti, Rockland’s Highway Superintendent, stated that the work could have taken weeks if they didn’t choose to close the road for the weekend. For more information or questions regarding the closure call 357-5100 x201.

Judge Rules Spring Valley to Allow Summer Camp

State Supreme Court Judge Gerald Loehr made a ruling on the dilemma in Spring Valley on Wednesday morning. Last month the village was facing the closure of its summer camp at the Louis Kurtz Center after the clerks office stated that they had not received the proper paperwork in time. Mayor Demeza Delhomme blames Youth Director Sonia Barton, whom he had earlier suspended from the position, though she stated that the mayor told her someone else would take care of it due to her suspension. Delhomme stated that he set up an agreement with the Martin Luther King Center to hold a program there, and at a July 2 meeting Trustees Vilair Fonvil, Emilia White, and Asher Grossman voted to reinstate the original program and to hire Barton as an independent contractor. Delhomme and Deputy Mayor Anthony Leon were absent from the meeting but were ordered by Loehr to honor the resolution. The trustees hope the camp will start July 14 will allow fifty children to attend for no cost. Barton stated that she is not sure yet whether she will be accepting her former position as youth director because she is worried about her situation with Delhomme, and was unable to further comment, though her union representation stated appropriate legal action is being taken.

Boulders Recap

The Boulders traveled to Quebec last night for the first of a three game series against the Capitales. In the first inning Quebec scored two runs and the Boulders attempted to catch up scoring one run in the third inning and another in the fourth. The seventh inning started with a score of 5-2 with Quebec in the lead and the Boulders took the lead for a short time until Quebec won the game with a final score of 9-7. Rockland’s loss pushes them back into second place behind the New Jersey Jackals. The two teams will play again tonight in Quebec.

Palisades Parkway to be Repaved

According to officials with the New Jersey Department of Transportation they are dispatching crews in late July or early August to begin repaving the Palisades Parkway. The Palisades Interstate Parkway Commission does not have the money to fix the roads, which haven’t seen much repair in past years, so according to Steve Schapiro, a spokesman for the New Jersey DOT, the agency will be paying the $11.2 million cost. The Parkway Commission has a budget of $7.7 million for 2014, built mostly on revenue from the New Jersey Legislature. Residents of Rockland County, as well as New Jersey, who use the Parkway to commute to New York City have long complained about the patch jobs completed over the years, and stated that they are looking forward to the repaving being done. The New York State DOT stated that they have no plans to repave the section of road in their state, which was last done in 2001. New Jersey officials stated that they will try to complete construction during the day and night hours, to avoid rush hour.