Tubman to Front $20 Bill

Washington, DC – There is going to be a change to your $20 bill, the U.S. Treasury Department has announced that Harriet Tubman, the African-American who helped thousands of slaves to freedom, will replace Andrew Jackson. Governor Cuomo stated, “Harriet Tubman was an iconic New Yorker who helped changed the course of this nation and she is well deserving of this distinction. She showed bravery and resilience in the face of injustice, putting her life and liberty at risk countless times for the freedom of others.”

Suez Awards Grant to St. Thomas Aquinas

SPARKILL – St. Thomas Aquinas has announced that the Suez Foundation, a branch of Suez New York that provides drinking water to 300,000 people in Rockland County, has awarded a $150,000 dollar grant to the college to establish the Suez Leadership Institute for Environmental Studies. The grant will fund Institute programs for three years and will be open to students beginning this summer from July 24-29. The Environmental Leadership Institute will be a week-long (in residence) program for college freshman, sophomores, and rising high school seniors to experience an in-depth curriculum studying water, the environment, energy, climate change and sustainability while earning credits.

NYS Presidential Primary Decisions

NEW YORK – Last night as the Democratic and Republican primaries came to a close the victors of yesterday’s vote, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, are moving closer to facing each other in the general election for president. Trump was declared the winner within minutes of the polls closing at 9 p.m. with 60 percent of the Republican vote in election reporting districts. On the Democratic side, 94 percent of election districts reported Clinton with 58% of the vote. The candidates now move on to Pennsylvania.

$62,000 TAKE5 Lottery Winner in New Rochelle

NEW ROCHELLE – The New York Lottery has announced that a winning TAKE5 lottery ticket for the April 18th drawing worth over $62,000 dollars was sold at the Stop & Shop at 2425 Palmer Avenue in New Rochelle. The top prize is won by matching five out of five numbers. The winning numbers were 2-3-13-29-30. Again, that was for the April 18th drawing. Check your tickets and claim your prize.

Naseer Charged with Extortion in “Swatting” Case

YORKTOWN – 17 year old, Usama Naseer, of Hamden, CT has been charged with grand larceny. Ossining police received a 911 in February 2015 informing them that someone had been shot on Fair Hills Drive. The address is actually located in Yorktown. Both Ossining and Yorktown police departments arrived on the scene only to discover they had been “swatted”. Swatting is a term for hoaxing an emergency response based on a false report of an ongoing critical incident. After an investigation, police now allege that Naseer was in contact with a Yorktown youth online and had threatened the youth with “swatting” if he didn’t receive payment. After placing the fake 911 call the youth sent Naseer money. According to police records, Naseer was arraigned at Yorktown Police Headquarters on April 14th. He posted $2,500 bail and was released. His next court date is May 12th.

EMV Chip Card Fraud Alert

ALBANY – New York State’s Division of Consumer Protection is alerting NY consumers to be aware of the potential fraud associate with the new microchip-based credit cards, also known as “EMV chip cards”. The chip offers enhanced security for consumers because it generates a unique personal code specific to each consumer protecting them from hacking. Scammers, pretending to be credit card issuers are sending fake emails targeting people who have not received their card yet. The emails claims that in order to issue a new card you need to update your account by providing personal information or clicking on a link to continue the process. When you click that link malware can be installed on your computer or mobile device. DCP recommends the following protections: Activate and sign your card as soon as you receive it, protect your PIN, do not respond to email or phone calls asking for your card or personal information – card issuers have no reason to contact you by email or phone. If you suspect an email is a scam contact your card provider personally and review your credit report periodically for inaccuracies. You can contact the DCP for more information at 518-474-8583.

NYS Primary Voting Day 6am -9pm

Today is primary voting day. New Yorkers can head to the polls and cast their ballot for Republican and Democratic nominees for President. If you are registered as a Republican or a Democrat you have the right to vote in today’s primary election. The deadline for registering into a party was March 25th. You have until October 14th to register to vote in the general election. Polls will be open in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. There are 291 Democratic delegates and 95 Republican delegates. The delegates will be divided among the candidates based on the ballots cast by registered party voters. If you encounter any problems at the polls today New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman has a hotline you can call at 800-771-7755.

Alex Lichtenstein Charged with Bribery

POMONA – U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara, announced that, 44 year old, Alex Lichtenstein, of Pomona has been charged with one count of bribery and one count of conspiracy. The charge alleges that within the NYC Police Department’s License Division, Lichtenstein used connections to secure 150 gun licenses that in turn were resold to customers. Recently, those police connections stopped providing the licenses and in early April, it is alleged that Lichtenstein then bribed a different source in the police department paying $6,000 per gun license application he could obtain. That officer referred the offense to city police department’s Internal Affairs Bureau. A sting operation set up by the Bureau and the Federal Bureau of Investigation recorded a conversation between Lichtenstein and a police officer in regards to obtaining gun licenses for money. The US Attorney’s office stated that Lichtenstein was a member of the Borough Park Shomrim, “a volunteer, ostensibly unarmed Orthodox Jewish patrol society whose mission includes combating criminal activity and locating missing people.” The penalty for bribery is 10 years in prison and a maximum of 5 years for conspiracy. The investigation is ongoing.

Day Examines THM in Suez Water

ROCKLAND – In coordination with Water Task Force Chairperson Legislator Harriet Cornell, Rockland County Executive, Ed Day, has directed the Task Force on Water Resources Management to discern not only why Rockland residents were recently told that water supplied by Suez, formerly United Water, failed to meet stringent federal standards, but also what we can do differently to ensure our drinking water is 100 percent safe. Higher than normal concentrations of THM (trihalomethane) were found in tap water in the Haverstraw area that came from Lake Deforest, Rockland’s primary reservoir. THM is a byproduct of disinfectants that must be used to make sure water is safe. While there is no immediate health risk Executive Day, would like to know more about why the levels exceeded the guidelines set by the Safe Drinking Water Act. Day is asking when Suez first learned about the elevated levels, how and why did it happen, and why did it take one month to inform customers? He would like to make sure it doesn’t happen again. This most recent incident at Suez is part of the reason for the creation of the Task Force on Water Resources Management. The Rockland County Department of Health will continue to watch the situation and ensure that Suez takes action to bring the average levels back into compliance with federal standards. The Water Task Force has been directed to hear your concerns, partner with professionals in our health department and answer the questions surrounding the elevated THM levels.

Doris Roberts dies, 90

LOS ANGELES – Doris Roberts, five-time Emmy Award winning actress, best known for her role as Raymond’s mother on Everybody Loves Raymond, has died. Robert’s acting career began in 1952 with a role on the TV series Studio One. A veteran actress, Roberts appeared in numerous television shows and films spanning a 60-year career. She had recurring roles on Remington Steele, and guest stars on “Love Boat” “Murder She Wrote” “Fantasy Island” and the “Mary Tyler Moore” show. She began her career as a stage actress appearing in The Desk Set with Shirley Booth and Neil Simon’s The Last of the Red Hot Lovers with James Coco and Linda Lavin. In 2002, she testified before a U.S. Congressional panel that age discrimination was prevalent in Hollywood.   In 2005, Roberts received an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from the University of South Carolina. A committed animal rights advocate, Roberts worked with the group Puppies Behind Bars, an organization that works with inmates in training guide dogs and assistance for the physically disabled. Her co-star on Raymond, Patricia Heaton, tweeted, “Truly the end of an era. My wonderful TV mother-in-law and ELR nemesis Doris Roberts was a consummate professional from whom I learned so much. She was funny and tough and loved life, living it to the fullest.” Doris Roberts was 90.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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