Clarkstown Extends Tax Exemption to Cold War Veterans

The Clarkstown Town Council unanimously adopted a local law that extends the property tax exemption for veterans who served during the Cold War. The Cold War Veteran Tax Exemption law was about to expire but a new state law gives local towns the ability to extend the tax exemption indefinitely. Qualifying veterans must have served for a minimum of a year between September 2, 1945 and December 26, 1991. For more information contact the Town’s Assessor’s Office at 845-639-2031. The deadline to apply for the tax exemptions is March 1st.

Rockland County Executive to Legislature: “Let’s Sell the Sain Building”

Though the Rockland County legislature appears to have put the now-empty Sain Building on the back-burner, the county executive is insisting on moving back up to the front. Ed Day told “The Morning Show” Friday the hold-up now, is simply politics…

Audio: Ed Day

The County Executive has been urging lawmakers to approve the sale of the building to the single interested party who wants to buy it for 4.5 million dollars and turn it into senior housing.

Monroe Developer Files Lawsuit Against Town, Claiming Anti-Semitism

A developer that’s spent 16 years trying to build in a subdivision in Monroe up in Orange County is claiming anti-Semitism for the continued delays the project has been put through. The Hudson Valley Business Journal reports Highview Properties has filed a civil lawsuit in federal court in White Plains charging town officials with exclusionary zoning and violation of the Fair Housing Act, claiming the officials campaigned against them because of religious bias. Monroe’s supervisor confirmed the lawsuit but could not offer additional comment to the Journal.

Orangetown Wants Officials to Reconsider NYC Congestion Pricing Plan

Orangetown wants the powers-that-be to know the potential congestion pricing plan for Manhattan is not going to help area commuters already burdened with less-than-adequate transportation options. Supervisor Chris Day told “The Morning Show” yesterday the plan has little support outside the city…

Audio: Chris Day

Under the proposal, cars driving into Manhattan below 60th Street would be subject to an added charge of about $11.50.

President’s Budget Proposal to Cut SNAP Benefits; Rockland Congresswoman Displeased

The budget proposed Monday by President Trump would slash funding for food assistance for low-income Americans. Andrea Sears of Public News Service reports…

Audio: Andrea Sears

And you can add Rockland’s Congresswoman Nita Lowey to the list of people who aren’t happy about the president’s proposed cuts to SNAP…

Audio: Nita Lowey

Critics of the president’s proposal worry that distributing high volumes of food could be a logistical nightmare.

Rockland Mounted Patrol Horses Undergo Rigorous Training

A horse-drawn carriage crashed and injured three people Sunday in Central Park after a horse was reportedly spooked by an umbrella. Sheriff Lou Falco told “The Morning Show” yesterday that won’t happen with the horses in his mounted patrol unit, since they are trained to deal with gunfire and similar, noisy situations…

Audio: Lou Falco

The horse involved in the Central Park incident will reportedly be sent to a sanctuary in Western Massachusetts. Falco says when his horses are ready for retirement they are often donated to Camp Venture for their Therapeutic Equestrian Center in Stony Point.

Cornell Cooperative Extension to Host Gardener’s Day Event in March

We got a lot of water in the form of rain over the weekend and there’s more on the way, a good sign for gardeners anxious to get outside and start planting for the season. The Cornell Cooperative Extension Stormwater Consortium is holding a Gardener’s Day event next month that you might be interested in. Michael Wilson is the Extension’s Horticultural Lab Technician, and the host of a program right here on WRCR. Wilson says next month’s event features several presentations…

Audio: Mike Wilson

The event’s keynote speaker is New York Times Bestseller and American Horticultural Society Book Award-winner Marta McDowell. The event is being held from 8am-2:30 March 21st at the CCE Rockland Education Center in Stony Point. The early-bird rate is $30, if you register by March first. For more information, click here.

County Switch of Retirees’ Health Plans on Hold “For the Foreseeable Future”

If you’re a Rockland County retiree, you’re probably going to love this bit of news this Valentine’s Day. Rockland County will not be changing your health plans. The about-face follows the stunning admission by a former Aetna medical director that he never reviewed patient records before denying or approving health coverage. CNN reported the former healthcare company executive made the admission under oath while testifying in a case that was brought against Aetna for improper denial of coverage. Rockland County Executive Ed Day held a press conference yesterday afternoon to announce that the controversial move to Aetna from the United Healthcare Empire Plan is on hold for the foreseeable future…

Audio: Ed Day

But some Legislators said putting the plan on hold doesn’t go far enough. Toney Earl said there are still many questions and said the legislature will review the entire process. The Aetna plan, which was supposed to kick-in on April first, was delayed while the County Legislature, which, along with many seniors who were caught by surprise by the sudden change, wanted to take a closer look at the plan before it could be adopted. Day said the new Aetna plan would have saved taxpayers money while providing the same services.

Former Rockland Legislator Francis “Frank” Mascola Dies at 95

Francis “Frank” Mascola, a legislator who served in the very first Rockland County Legislature in the early 70’s, passed away on Saturday. A long-time resident of West Nyack, Mascola served as Legislature Chairman in 1973. He served on many boards, including the West Point Admissions Board, Nyack Hospital, American Cancer Society and the Clarkstown Board of Education. He was 95.

Rockland Congresswoman Pronounces President Trump’s Budget “Dead on Arrival”

President Trump released his 2019 budget wish-list Monday, with the $4.4 trillion spending proposal suggesting cuts to numerous social programs, alongside a new $200 billion federal infrastructure program and an additional $13 billion to fight the opioid epidemic. Congresswoman Nita Lowey told “The Morning Show” yesterday that the plan is dead on arrival…

Audio: Nita Lowey

Lowey says the president’s infrastructure plan falls short, providing a fraction of the federal investment necessary, calling the shift of the funding burden to the states irresponsible. Lowey note the president’s proposal ignores transportation issues, such as Positive Train Control implementation, safe transport of crude oil, and grade crossing improvements.

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