Orangetown Takes Steps to Regulate Temporary Storage Systems

They’re called “Pods” or “MiBoxes” and sometimes you see them in your neighbor’s driveway for a few days or longer for temporary storage purposes. In Orangetown there are no rules governing how long those storage systems can be used. Supervisor Chris Day says that may soon change…

Audio: Chris Day

The law would allow usage of the storage container for 30 days. Longer than that would need a special permit. A public hearing on the potential zone change is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Chestnut Ridge Group Decries Village Board’s Restoration of Spring Hill Terrace Home’s C/O

Some say it’s a garage; others say it’s a synagogue. A Chestnut Ridge home is at the center of a battle between a rabbi who is reportedly the owner of three Spring Hill Terrace and a village activist group, Citizens United to Protect Our Neighborhoods, also known as CUPON. Hilda Kogut is the head of CUPON, and she says last year the village approved a certificate of occupancy for the home with a three-car garage. Days later however, she says, that garage was converted into a synagogue…

Audio: Hilda Kogut

Earlier this year, the village’s zoning board of appeals rescinded the original C/O, but then the village gave the homeowners a new one. Neither the owner of the home nor representatives from the village could be reached for comment.

Stony Point: No Word on Fate of U.S. Gypsum Takeover and Local Plant

A deal by a German company to take over Chicago-based U.S. Gypsum, which closed its Stony Point plant eight years ago, still hasn’t been finalized though it was announced nearly a month ago. Stony Point supervisor Jim Monaghan says he’s been unable to get information from the company about what the future might hold for the plant…

Audio: Jim Monaghan reported the $7 billion acquisition of U.S Gypsum by Knauf KG includes the well-known Sheetrock brand and gives Knauf access to the U.S. construction market.

Truck Flips on Route 17 North in Mahwah; No one Hurt

No one was hurt after a truck overturned on Route 17 northbound in Mahwah yesterday. Three lanes of the highway were closed for hours as crews cleaned up the mess.

NJ Gov: I Underestimated the Issues NJTransit Has

New Jersey’s Governor says New Jersey Transit needs to communicate better with its commuters. This, after nearly two weeks of delays, cancellations, staffing shortages and equipment failures, plus the admission by the transportation agency that it’ll take longer-than-expected to install the Positive Train Control braking system. Governor Phil Murphy said yesterday he underestimated the scope of issues the agency has.

Sixth Annual Anthony Amoros Car Show and Scholarship Fund Benefit Saturday at RCC

The Sixth Annual Anthony Amoros Car Show gets underway tomorrow at RCC. The event benefits the RCC Foundation’s scholarship fund named for Anthony Amoros. He was a 2012 North Rockland High School graduate and first-year student at RCC when he died in a one-car accident in Haverstraw in January 2013. Elizabeth Kendall of the RCC Foundation says the event raises money to help fund two scholarships for RCC students…

Audio: Elizabeth Kendall

The Car Show runs Saturday 11 am to 4 pm at RCC, the rain date is Sunday. Admission is free. The day will also feature a DJ and entertainment, an Elvis impersonator, raffles, a 50-50, and refreshments. For more information visit

Yorktown Man Shoots Hospitalized Wife in Murder-Suicide in Westchester

A Yorktown couple are dead after gunfire erupted inside a Westchester hospital yesterday morning. Police say 71 year-old Richard DeLucia shot his wife, 70 year-old Ann DeLucia, a patient at the Medical Center in Valhalla as she lay in bed. He then turned the gun on himself. Each was killed with a single gunshot. Police said they found a note at their home that indicated Peter DeLucia wanted to end his wife’s suffering. They also found the weapon he used – a licensed 38-caliber revolver – next to his body on the floor at the hospital.

Governor Signs Legislation to Help Clarkstown and Orangetown Taxpayers

The supervisors of Orangetown and Clarkstown are glad the governor has signed legislation known as the Homestead Act to protect residents from being over-burdened by unexpected shifts between classes of taxable property. Clarkstown’s George Hoehmann says limiting the shift between residential and commercial properties to no more than one percent from the previous year will help residents be better prepared…

Audio: George Hoehmann

Orangetown supervisor Chris Day says the town board will adopt the legislation as a local law next week…

Audio: Chris Day 

Clarkstown adopted the law locally last week.

Stifling Heat Creates Dangerous Conditions Inside Your Car

As the heat continues to plague the Hudson Valley area, officials are urging residents to keep cool and keep their wits about them as well. Don’t leave your kids or pets in your cars, because WRCR Meteorologist Mark Hannok says the heat can quickly rise and become deadly…

Audio: Mark Hannok

Yonkers-based “Consumer Reports” recently wrote that “Forgotten Baby Syndrome” isn’t an issue of negligence but of memory. They suggest placing the child’s diaper bag in the front passenger seat as a reminder the child is in the car with you, or place something else in the back seat that you would also need to go retrieve, such as a briefcase or backpack. You can set a reminder on your phone, and perhaps more importantly, remember to never leave a child unattended in a car at all. For more information, visit

Ramapo Warns Tilcon Swimmers: Stay Away

Ramapo quarry swimmers – consider yourselves warned, again – there is no trespassing allowed at the former Tilcon property and besides that, it’s dangerous to be at Suffern site. Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht says he’d rather that location be put to better use…

Audio: Mike Specht

Ramapo owns that land. More than two dozen people have been arrested there so far this year.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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