Boil Water Order Issued For Parts Of New City And Tappan

According to the United Water customer service line, two water main breaks are currently being worked on in New City and Tappan. In New City, East Phillips Hill Road, Circle Court, and Termakay Drive, all off of Verona Court are the areas affected. In Tappan, residents on Western Highway down to Old Tappan Road may experience no water, low water pressure, or discolored water. Residents in the affected areas are advised to boil their tap water for one minute before consumption to prevent health risks associated with cooking or drinking untreated water. United Water will notify customers at the affected areas when the boil water notice has been lifted. For more information call 623-1500 or visit the United Water website.

Rockland County Health Department issued a boil water order for the following addresses in Tappan:
Western Highway #6,16,24,25,29,30,36,37,38,41,49,50,53,54,57,58,61,62,65,66,70,76, 89,154,159,168,187,188,194,197,198,201,204,212,215,220,221,228, 233,236
Lafayette Place # 5,6,12,15,18,23,24,30,36,47,52,60,61,65,68,73,74,79,82,88,93,94,98, 104,109,112
Bogert Place # 25,29
Grand Avenue # 10,17,19,21,22,25,28,31,36,37,45,52,54,55,62,66,67

Rockland County Health Department issued a boil water order for the following addresses in New City:
Verona Court # 28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35
East Phillips Hill Road # 125,128,134,140,142,143
Circle Court # 3,4,5,6
Termakay Drive # 2,3,4,6,7,8,10,12,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26

Orangetown Public Hearing Video Released, Anellotech Approved

On Friday, The Town of Orangetown released the video of the Planning Board Meeting from April 22 regarding the final vote to approve Anellotech’s controversial research and development facility in Pearl River at the Pfizer campus. Melanie Golden, the environmental consultant for Anellotech from Environmental Management Limited and Charles Sorensen, Vice President of Research, Development, & Engineering at Anellotech explained that details regarding transport, emissions released, biomass materials used, and plans for decommissioning the plant were submitted by application to the Department of Conservation and would be available in a few weeks time. Currently, a three year plan is in place to conduct testing for green biomass energy with wood flour used the first year, corn stover added the second year, and bagasse added in the third year. Emissions released from the catalytic oxidizer in the unit would include benzene toluene xylene (BTX), carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and trace amounts of methane which would be monitored yearly. Anellotech President David Sudolsky made the association of similar emissions from a lawn mower running for a short length of time. David Brenner, counsel for Anellotech pointed out the concern of many residents that Orangetown is in fact an industrial zone and this research and development plant complies with the local zoning laws. After the over three hour hearing in which the Anellotech board defended their position against concerned residents and the town board, a final 5-2 vote passed the measure much to the displeasure of the over two dozen local residents who spoke against the facility including Orangetown supervisor Andy Stewart and Clarkstown supervisor Alex Gromack.

Bears Spotted In Monsey Park, Residents Cautioned

The Ramapo Police Department closed Welder Park in Monsey Sunday evening at around 4:40pm after reports of bear cubs were spotted climbing the trees. The Department of Environmental Conservation was called to the scene in response to the bears and together with the Ramapo Police, decided not to tranquilize the animals under night conditions and instead to watchfully wait to assess the situation. As of Monday morning, Welder Park has been reopened as the bears have disbursed on their own though their whereabouts are unknown. Officials are cautioning the public to be mindful of their surroundings and never to approach or corner a bear and to report any bear sightings to your local authorities.

Winning Take 5 Sold In Pearl River

The New York Lottery today announced a $75,071.50 winning TAKE 5 drawing from Friday April 24, was sold at Pearl River Food Mart at 12 East Central Avenue in Pearl River. The winning numbers for the TAKE 5 drawing were 07-19-34-38-39. The New York Lottery is asking everyone who bought a New York Lottery drawing ticket, to check their tickets again, as they could be holding a winner. Prizes can be claimed at any retailer within a year of the drawing date.

Roadwork Will Be Ongoing Throughout the County

Crews will be working on Congers Road in New City and Lake Road in Congers beginning this week until the middle of May. According to Scott Salotto, Rockland’s Communications Director, the roads running East to West in the county will have construction ongoing on the weekdays from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM and drivers can also expect delays from work on East Main Street in Stony Point, Railroad Avenue in Haverstraw, Germonds Road in Clarkstown, Sickletown Road in Orangetown and West Washington Road in Pearl River as the County Highway Department completes repairs until May.

Lamont-Doherty Receives Money for Ocean Studies

Congresswoman Nita Lowey announced on Friday that Rockland County’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, of Colombia University, has received $35 million through a five-year contract from the National Science Foundation to their studies of the ocean floor. At a conference the Congresswoman stated that the money will help scientist continue to learn about and understand earthquakes, climate change, and global warming and how it all relates to the bottom of the ocean, an area of the planet where researchers have much more exploration to do. The contract will allow Lamont- Doherty to create a project run by five employees, that will collect and study samples taken from the ocean.

Former Spring Valley Deputy Mayor Gets Sentencing Date

Former Spring Valley Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret is expected in Westchester court in a few months to receive his sentence in the corruption case against him. Desmaret was arrested along with former Mayor Noramie Jasmin and several New York City officials during a lengthy investigation in the “Corridor of Corruption”. In January of 2014 the former politician pleaded guilty to mail fraud and extortion for accepting $10,800 from a business man who was working with the FBI at the time. Desmaret will be seen in court on June 18 and could receive 7-9 years in federal prison.

Ramapo Board Votes to Cover Certain Legal Fees

Accordingt to officials in Ramapo, the town will be covering the cost of legal representation for employees that were named in an investigation by the securities and exchange commission in May of 2014. On April 16 the town board approved a resolution that would provide legal services to those involved in the claims. The board voted 4-1, with members Brendel Charles and Yitzchock Ullman, as well as Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence and Deputy Supervisor Patrick Withers voting yes, and Daniel Friedman opposing, stating that there needs to be a limit of what the town will spend on legal fees. The resolution states that in the event of a conflict of interest and the Town Attorney cannot represent an entity or person named in the investigation, legal fees must be covered for them. Those named in the original subpoena are the town, St. Lawrence, the Town Audition, Financial Advisor, and the Local Development Corporation.

$967 Million Loan Approved To Implement Rail Safety Technology

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the Federal Railroad Administration’s approval of a $967 million loan to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for positive train control technology to be implemented on the Long Island Rail Road as well as Metro North commuter rail lines. The MTA must repay the largest loan approved by the FRA over 22½ years at a fixed interest rate of 2.38%. The MTA originally applied to the Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing Program of the FRA in February for the loan to comply with federal regulations for the Railroad Safety Improvement Act passed in 2008 in which railroads must utilize the positive train control technology by the end of this year. The technology will allow systems to override possible human error and control certain aspects of train function, possibly preventing collisions with other trains as well as motor vehicles and even derailment due to excessive speeding. The governor thanked Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and Acting Administrator Sarah Feinberg for their contribution to securing the loan as well as local New York officials Senator Charles Schumer, and Representatives Nita Lowey, Sean Patrick Maloney, and Eliot Engel. Congresswoman Lowey said regarding the loan approval, “I’m pleased that MTA’s application to install positive train control technology has been approved by the Federal Railroad Administration. Securing this funding would help ensure that disastrous events like the December 2013 Metro North accident never happen again.”

NJT Changes to Rockland Lines and Fares

According to officials with New Jersey Transit, plans are in the are in the works to cut services on certain lines. Officials stated that the proposal includes a rate hike of 9% for all fares, which would take effect on October 1, as well as the removal of the 12:45 AM train on the Pascack Valley Line that runs from Hoboken to Spring Valley, stopping in Nanuet and Pearl River. This means that the final train would leave Hoboken at 10:42 PM and many residents and commuters are speaking out against the change, though the MTA stated that only about forty people take the 12:45 AM train. With most events such as concerts and sports games ending later at night making the train home to Rockland County would require taking the Port Jervis Line to Suffern. The MTA would need to approve the removal of the train from the schedule before any decision are made. County Executive Ed Day stated about the proposal, “Service cuts and fare hikes once again seem to be the options of first resort rather than the last. Rockland County, as well as many families and business, have closed budget gaps by reducing expenses and improving efficiencies. NJT should be taking similar steps, instead of balancing its books on the back of riders.” The fares will rise about $9 a month for Suffern commuters and $6 for Sloatsburg on the Port Jervis Line to Penn Station and $4 a month on the Pascack Valley Line.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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