Nyack Village Board to Present Parking Concepts for Walkway

Residents and officials of the village of South Nyack are eagerly waiting to find out where visitors of the new Tappan Zee Bridge walkway will be parking. According to Mayor Bonnie Christian who spoke with the Journal News, the village board will be revealing four new proposals to attendees, all of which will provide parking and services such as restrooms on Thruway Authority Property. The highly discussed project will bring an expected 500 people per hour, which state officials predict will require 54 parking spaces per hour. The original plan was to build the parking area in a residential area of the village, which was met by opposition from residents. The Thruway Authority agreed to move the project and the concepts will be presented at the meeting 6:30 PM on Tuesday at the Living Christ Church in Nyack.

Man Arrested in Orange County Shooting

State Police arrested a man on Thursday who was allegedly behind a shooting Tuesday night outside of a convenience store in Orange County. According to officials around 9:00 PM 25-year old Matthew Bauman of Harriman approached 18-year old Aron Weiss of Kyrias Joel in an alley near the Quick Stop Deli on River Road in Harriman and attempted to rob him before firing a stolen gun at him. Bauman was charged with first-degree assault, attempted robbery, and criminal possession of a weapon for shooting Weiss, who was fleeing, once in the upper shoulder. Police believe that the older man was attempting to rob the teenager, who was on the phone near the deli at the time of the incident and was taken to the hospital for serious injuries and was reported to be in stable condition. Bauman was taken to Orange County Jail where he is being held without bail.

City Takes Ownership of Peekskill Landing Park

The city of Peekskill has taken ownership of the Peekskill Landing Park in Westchester, located on the Hudson River waterfront. In 1998 the environmental group Scenic Hudson took over the land from a private developer, and began turning it into a public park with a gazebo, biking and walking trails, a kayak and non-motorized boat launch, and boardwalk using funding from the city for cleanup and state grants. The 3.6 million dollar project will connect to the Riverfront Green and the transfer to the city was finalized this week.

Rockland Woman Killed in Car/Bus Accident

Police responded to an accident on Wednesday night after calls came in that a woman crashed her car into a bus in Rockland County. According to reports 57-year old Holly Unger of Spring Valley was driving her car on Viola Road near Ramapo High School around 7:15 PM when she swerved into the other lane and struck a Monsey Trails bus. Hatzolah Ambulance were nearby and transported Unger to Westchester Medical Center where she died from injuries sustained in the crash. The bus was stopped at the time of the accident and had no passengers, and no injuries aside from Unger’s were reported.

Two Cars in Less Than a Week Struck by Trains in Congers

Rockland County residents are expressing concern surrounding the railroad crossing at Congers Lake Road West and South Rockland Avenue in Congers. On Tuesday night of last week an 80-year old woman was attempting to turn at the crossing when her car got stuck in a ditch and was struck on the passenger side by a CSX train carrying municipal waste. She exited the car before it was hit and was not injured in the incident, and the train was not derailed. Then again at 5:25 on Saturday evening a vehicle being driven by a 76-year old Nyack became stuck in the same place and was struck three minutes later by a passing CSX line freight train carrying 116 cars loaded with crude oil. Luckily nothing was spilled in that incident either, and the was uninjured, though residents are now calling for changes to rail safety in the area, many saying that next time may not end the same way. The crossing is poorly lit and people often confuse the tracks for the road, accidentally driving onto them. The state Department of Transportation will be sending rail safety officials to visit the site later today.

Two Men Dead From Carbon Monoxide

According to police two people were found dead in their home on Monday afternoon, from what investigators believe to be Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Police responded to the Rye Brook home of 85-year old Joseph Persson on Maywood Avenue, he lived with his step-grandson 50-year old Joseph Pendrack. Officials stated that the Medical Examiner has yet to confirm the cause of death for both men, but they found a car in the garage with a dead battery and an empty tank of gas that appeared to have been left running and they suspect the fumes from the vehicle entered the house, which had no Carbon Monoxide detectors, and caused Persson and Pendrack to suffocate while in their beds in separate bedrooms.

Credit Card Skimmer Found at Gas Station

According to police someone was stealing credit card information from customers at a Rockland County gas station. Investigators uncovered a skimming device at the mobile gas station in Garnerville, attached to one of the pumps. Police did not identify if anyone had their identity or cards compromised by the device, which can often be discovered when it is harder to slide your card through, or out of a machine. Investigators recommend that residents be sure to check their receipts agains their bank statements to ensure their cards were not compromised and stay vigilant about card usage.

Parents Suing Private Yeshivas for Not Providing Quality Education

According to records a group of parents in East Ramapo have filed a lawsuit against several yeshivas in the school district, claiming their children were not provided with the proper education while at school there. The students are all over 18 now, and attended four boys’ schools in Monsey, New Square, and Spring Valley where the lawsuit claims they received a religious education but not secular studies such as English and Math. The complaints also state that the yeshivas failed to hire competent teachers, use tax dollars in the creation of secular studies, and provide boys with an equal quality of secular education as girls. The lawsuit is blaming the yeshivas, the East Ramapo District and the state, and is calling for changes to private religious education to be implemented by September 2016, such as requiring one-third of the school day be used for secure classes that will prepare students for employment and a monitoring system for courses and finances.

Pearl River Pfizer Site Sold

According to officials with a California realty group, they have finalized the agreed purchase of the Pfizer site in Pearl River. A spokesman for the Industrial Realty Group stated that the company bought 38 buildings on the campus, which will be turned into a commercial project with potential shopping, dining, and offices or industrial buildings. Along with the interest in retail opportunities IRG will be leasing areas of the site to Anellotech and Protein Sciences for research. County and Orangetown officials are optimistic that the sale will provide revenue and keep taxes down for residents. Pfizer spokeswoman Susan Rutledge stated the company will continue leasing parts of the campus for certain drug development projects, one vaccine through 2016 and another cancer drug through a longterm agreement. They will retain ownership of 25 acres of the site.

Electronic Tolls Being Constructed for Tappan Zee Bridge

Construction has begun on the new cashless toll system for the Tappan Zee Bridge. On the Rockland side in South Nyack, drivers heading south to the bridge will drive under the steel bars with cameras mounted that will register the EasyPass in each car, instead of having people stop at cash booths, which can lead to serious traffic problems on the Thruway. Those who do not have an EasyPass in their car will have an image taken of their license plate and will receive a bill in the mail for the cost of the toll, which Thruway Authority officials recently stated will remain the same for 2016. The all-electronic toll collection system is expected to be up and running by April of next year, and members of the newly formed Tappan Zee toll task force will continue to study traffic patterns and costs to determine a price for the tolls on the new bridge, while state officials work to determine better ways to prevent or punish toll evaders.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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