Report: Crew on Deadly, Undermanned Tugboat was “Physically Exhausted”

Published reports say a that tugboat that sank on the Hudson River last year, killing three crew members, was under-manned and the sparse crew was physically exhausted. That’s according to the National Transportation Safety Board report released this week, detailing the accident that killed Paul Amon, Timothy Conklin and Harry Hernandez. The tugboat they were on went down after crashing into a Tappan Zee Bridge construction barge. The victims’ families are suing the barge’s owner and Tappan Zee Constructors, seeking 100 million dollars.

Monsey Developer Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Sway Elections

A Monsey real estate developer has pleaded guilty in a scheme to submit phony voter registrations to help secure projects in the Sullivan County. The U-S attorney’s office says 64 year-old Kenneth Nakdimen tried to corrupt the electoral process by buying voter registrations and offering bribes for voters who would elect public officials favorable to their construction project. The one count of conspiracy carries a 5-year maximum prison term.

Memorial Day Weekend in Rockland

(Audio) There are lots of events scheduled for the extended Memorial Day Weekend all around our listening area. Part of the commemorations feature the very popular watchfires that are lit on the traditional Memorial Day, May 30th, at several locations around the county. Jerry Donnellan, the Director of Rockland’s Veterans Service Agency, says the tradition was inspired by the Revolutionary War tactic to send signals from Beacon, NY down to Sandy Hook, NJ…

Audio clip: Jerry Donnellan

The ceremonies are known for their lack of extended speeches and extensive pageantry and meant instead for personal reflection and observance. In addition to the one on the Piermont Pier, there’ll be a watchfire in Bowline Park in Haverstraw, Orangeburg on the top of Clausland Mountain, and Gene Levy Park in Ramapo. The fires are traditionally lit close to midnight, so Donnellan recommends getting there early to see them lit. They burn for the entire day. Over in Stony Point, Supervisor Jim Monaghan says the day will begin with a traditional honoring of a fallen veteran…

Audio clip: Jim Monaghan

After that the parade kicks off from Ten Eyck and Jay Street at 9:30AM. The parade ends at Town Hall for a service, and the parade will go on rain or shine, unless the weather is dangerous. Over in Haverstraw, Supervisor Howard Phillips says Monday’s observances begin at town hall at 9am, followed by numerous memorials…

Audio clip: Howard Phillips

For a list of more things going on this weekend visit the WRCR Community Notebook. There’s another list here.

Fight for the Sain Building

(Audio) The potential for the sale of the Sain Building could rest with one legislator, Aney Paul. The issue died a few weeks back in the legislature’s budget and finance committee, which refused to send it to the full legislature for a vote. Since then the county executive and Ramapo legislator Aron Wieder have been going back and forth over parking issues and meetings that may or may not have been missed. Jay Hood, the Chairman of the Budget & Finance Committee, says the issues aside, the failure of the sale to yet take place is simply politics…

Audio clip: Jay Hood

Supporters say the 4-point-5 million dollar sale of the Sain building would provide much-needed revenue to the county and the town of Clarkstown, and observers say legislator Paul’s could be the vote that pushes it over the top.

Congresswoman Nita Lowey Slams President’s Budget

(Audio) President Donald Trump’s $4.1 trillion budget came under fire from Rockland Congresswoman Nita Lowey. On the Morning Show yesterday, congresswoman Lowey predicted the budget would not have much support from Democrats or Republicans…

Audio clip: Nita Lowey

Trump’s budget would increase military spending by 10 percent and calls for spending $2.6 billion on border security, including $1.6 billion to begin funding a wall on the border with Mexico.

Ramapo Holds First Public Meeting in Post-CSL Era

The Ramapo Town Board held its first public meeting since the supervisor was found guilty last week of fraud and corruption in federal court. The four remaining board members, who occasionally heard calls to step aside, scheduled a public hearing on freezing new modular schools for six months, moved to curtail the supervisor’s control over town finances and establish a committee to abolish the Rockland Local Development Corporation, and get a forensic auditor to examine the RLDC’s finances. No replacement for Chris St. Lawrence was made, leaving that, for now up to the election process.

Bob Frankl, First Wesley Hills Mayor, Dies at 87

The man who founded the village of Wesley Hills and became its first mayor, Bob Frankl, died yesterday. He was 87. A veteran of the Korean War, Frankl was Wesley Hills’ mayor for 25 years. The successful formation of the village paved the way for other villages in Ramapo to form after they became frustrated with development issues with the town. Frankl will be laid to rest at South Florida National Cemetery with Military Honors in a private ceremony.

Security in Rockland Post-Manchester Attack

(Audio) The terrorist bombing earlier this week in England has area police on their toes, but not much more than they usually are. Rockland Sheriff Lou Falco was on the Morning Show yesterday, and said area police are always in a state of heightened alert, regardless of what is going on around the world.

Audio clip: Lou Falco

Twenty two people were killed and 120 injured when a suicide bomber detonated a nail bomb in Manchester Arena on Monday night.

Phillips: Recycling = $$$

(Audio) Rocklanders are pretty good at recycling, but they could still be doing better. That’s according to Haverstraw supervisor Howard Phillips, who also chairs the county Solid Waste Management Authority. Appearing as a guest on the “Suez Update” program, Phillips urged people to do better when it comes to recycling…

Audio clip: Howard Phillips

Phillips says the more waste that gets recycled instead of ending up in a landfill, the more money local municipalities make. For more information, visit

Ramapo Police Hold Second Annual Awards Ceremony

The Second Annual Ramapo Police Department Awards Ceremony was held yesterday at Crowne Plaza in Suffern, with chief Brad Weidel recognizing 42 members of the force for their outstanding police work. A number of awards were given out, recognizing officers and dispatchers for various incident responses, including the response to a murder-suicide call, the investigation and arrests in a murder-for-hire case, lifesaving incidents in which officers saved resident from overdosing on opioids, and one incident in which a detective rescued a distraught man on the Tappan-Zee Bridge who was going to commit suicide.

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