Unofficial Primary Election Results

The unofficial results are in for Thursday’s election. In Rockland County Rachel Tanguay-McGuane won the Family Court Judge vote 50% over Carol Barbash, who had a close 46% of the vote. Haverstraw Mayor Michael Kohut won over challenger Ricky Sanchez with 62% of the vote. Ramapo Councilwoman Brendel Logan-Charles had 39% and Samuel B. Tress had 38%, winning over Elye Kramer Councilman Daniel Friedman. In the hotly contested race for Clarkstown Highway Superintendent, Frank DiZenzo won with 62% of the vote over current Superintendent Wayne Ballard’s 37%. Spring Valley Trustee Villair Fonvil and Sherry T. McGill won over Eudson Tyson Francois and Anthony Leon. In Westchester County Ken Jenkins won the Legislature vote over Nicole Benjamin-Horsford in District 16, and in District 17 Virginia Perez won over Piedad Abreu. In Yonkers Chris Johnson won the council vote over Ivy Reeves. In New Rochelle Liz Fried won the city council vote over Shari Rackman, a current council member. Harrison Supervisor Ron Belmont beat challenger Phil Marraccini. In the race for Mount Vernon Mayor incumbent Ernie Davis lost to Councilman Richard Thomas with 1,887 votes to Thomas’ 2,860. In Orange County the results for Family Court Judge have not been released yet. For Supervisor races Robert Fromaget won in Blooming Grove, George Hossann Jr. in Greenville, and Bob Livesey in Highlands. In Tuxedo Robert Dollbaum won Superintendent of Highways. For council votes Timothy Arone won in Woodbury, Robert Ritchie for Port Jervis, Torrance Harvey for the City of Newburgh, and Edward Fairweather for Mount Hope. In Monroe the winner of the council vote and Highway Superintendent has not been released.

Primary Election Day

Primary elections are today. In Rockland County residents will be voting for Trustees in Spring Valley and Council people in Ramapo, while in Haverstraw Ricky Sanchez is challenging Mayor Michael Kohut. Countywide the race for Family Court Judge is between Carol Barbash and Rachel Tanguay-McGuane. In Westchester County, Harrison will be voting for Supervisor and two Town Judges, in Peekskill Mayor Frank Catalina is being challenged by Ken Martin. In Yonkers residents will vote for a Council member, as well as in New Rochelle, where the Mayor is also up for reelection. Perhaps the most contested race in the county is for Mount Vernon Mayor between incumbent Ernie Davis and four challengers. The city council also has seats in the election. In Orange County residents will be voting for Council people in Woodbury, Port Jervis, Mount Hope, Monroe, and the city of Newburgh where they will also be voting for a mayoral candidate. Countywide Family Court Judge is also on the ballot. The General Election will take place on November 3, and polls today are open from 6 AM to 9 PM.

Governor Cuomo Urging Stronger Gun Laws

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released a statement on Tuesday calling for a change to national gun policies after an aide for his office was injured in a shooting on Monday morning in Brooklyn. Cuomo has continuously used his position as Governor to strengthen gun laws in the state, and he is now urging for the nation to find a policy that works for gun owners and protects civilians from gun violence, stating, “We need a national gun policy that respects the second amendment, allows people to have guns… But if you’re mentally ill you should not have a gun. If you are a criminal, you should not have a gun.” On Monday morning 43-year old Carey Gabay was shot by a stray bullet and is reported to be in critical condition at the hospital. Gabby is the Deputy General Counsel for New York’s economic-development organization, Empire State Development, and had previously worked closely with Cuomo as his assistant counsel.

PIP Repaving to Begin

According to New York officials repaving of the Palisades Interstate Parkway will begin this week. The $7 million project will start with the Westbound lanes of Route 6 in Orange County tonight from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM, before switching to the Eastbound lanes. In October, when that part of the Parkway is expected to be finished, work will begin at Exit 16 in Stony Point to Bear Mountain on both North and Southbound lanes. Officials stated that detours will be limited, but may be necessary in various situations, but crew will mostly rely on nightly lane closures. The work is estimated to be completed by December, and repaving of the PIP north of Haverstraw at Exit 13 will begin in the Spring.

Rockland Legislature Passes Sparkler Bill

At this week’s Rockland County Legislature meeting members voted to approve a bill that proposed making the sale of sparklers and poppers legal in the county. According to officials the bill passed by a 13-2 vote, and now must be reviewed by County Executive Ed Day before it is potentially signed into effect. Legislature Chairman Alden Wolfe stated to the Journal News that permitting the sale of smaller types of fireworks would prevent residents from going to Pennsylvania, where there are no limitations on sales, and coming back to Rockland with Roman Candles or M-80s. He also said he hoped it would keep business in Rockland rather than residents going next door to Orange County to purchase sparklers. Many residents and emergency responders have expressed concern regarding fire safety and injuries that can result from the use of even the smaller fireworks. A person must be over 18-years old to purchase them and the bill would allow them to be sold from June 1 to July 5 and December 26 to January 2 only.

Rockland County Issues Voluntary Water Conservation Order

The Rockland County Executive’s office is asking that residents remain conscious of how much water they are using in during the unusually dry weather. According to a statement released by Ed Day and Commissioner of Health Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert the lack of rainfall in July and August have begun to stress the county’s resources and ask that residents use voluntary conservation tactics to help save water before the situation becomes critical. You can find tips on the county website,

Judge Rules Spring Valley Mayor Was Incorrect in SUV Purchase

In a decision made last week a State Supreme Court Judge ruled that the mayor of a Rockland County village illegally purchased an SUV for use while in office. According to the court papers submitted by Justice Gerald Loehr following the law suit filed by Justice Gerald Loehr following the law suit filed by village board members, Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme acted improperly when he purchased without taking competitive bids. Delhomme claimed that the bids required on spending higher than $20,000, was not necessary in this case because the former Mayor’s SUV was traded in for $27,000, making the official price of the new car just under $20,000, at $19,787. Loehr did not order that the mayor return the purchase and he was not penalized for the breach in law, simply that the officials must work together to find a solution. The judge also ruled that the village must pay for legal fees billed by Delhomme’s lawyer David Fried, coming to $15,000 and the board’s attorney Dennis Lynch stated that the two parties will be working together amicably to have a decision on payment ready by the September 14 hearing when they return to court.

New York State DA Will Not Investigate Westchester Police Shooting

According to officials in Westchester County, the task force set up to investigate police involved shootings in New York will not be looking into the death of a bystander who was killed on Friday when a NYPD officer opened fire on a suspect. On Friday afternoon in Mount Vernon an undercover officer fired shots at 37-year old Alvin Smother, who was allegedly selling illegal firearms, after he pulled a gun out and pointed it at the officer. 61-year old Felix Kumi was struck twice by stray bullets during the incident and was pronounced dead on Saturday morning. Officials stated on Tuesday that New York State District Attorney Eric Schneiderman will not be investigating the man’s death and Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore will remain in charge of the case.

New York State to Rebuild Westchester Salt Shed

According to the New York Thruway Authority a fire at a Westchester facility will cost the state a million dollars. Officials stated on Monday that the fire, which occurred early in the month of August, completely destroyed a shed located in Mamaroneck used to hold salt for a large portion of the New England Thruway and the building will need to be reconstructed. 54-year old Richard Cass who was employed by the Thruway Authority as an electrician was arrested on charges of fourth degree arson for the August 18 fire that police stated took out $400,000 worth of equipment and 650 tons of salt although 2,000 tons were saved. ACcording to officials construction on the estimated $1 million project could potentially begin in November.

Rockland Legislature Opening Discussion on Legal Fireworks

The Rockland County Legislature will be discussing the proposed bill that would allow hand-held sparklers, and smaller sparklers or poppers, to be sold in the county. The sale of fireworks has been permitted in parts of New York State over this past year, but specifies dates they are allowed to be in stores. For the summer months smaller fireworks can be bought from June 1 to July 5 and in the winter months from December 26 to January 2. Many people in Rockland County have been opposed to the sale of larger fireworks, including officials but the proposed bill, titled “The Sparkler Act” is supported by Chairman Alden Wolfe, as well as Republican Minority Leader Chris Carey. Wolfe stated to the Journal News that fire officials have not expressed any safety concerns regarding sparklers in the county. The meeting will be held tomorrow night at 7:05 at the County Office Building in New City.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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