Senator Carlucci Pushes for OD Kits in Pharmacies

Senator David Carlucci is requesting that the state make Nalaxone, also referred to as the overdose antidote, available to pharmacies. The Senator stated in a letter to the Department of Health that is a standing order were placed on the drug it would allow pharmacies to provide it over the counter, and allow customers to buy a kit for $46 without insurance. Department of Health officials released a response to carlucci’s letter on Friday, stating that they are open to discussing the proposal, but opposed to the idea that a person would not require training to obtain the kit. As of now a person must be trained and get a prescription to get one of the free kits, but Carlucci feels it should be available to anyone who may need it, stating that over a thousand people in New York have died from overdoses of opiate drugs such as heroin and by making it accessible more lives can be saved.

Boil Water Order Issued For Parts Of New City And Tappan

According to the United Water customer service line, two water main breaks are currently being worked on in New City and Tappan. In New City, East Phillips Hill Road, Circle Court, and Termakay Drive, all off of Verona Court are the areas affected. In Tappan, residents on Western Highway down to Old Tappan Road may experience no water, low water pressure, or discolored water. Residents in the affected areas are advised to boil their tap water for one minute before consumption to prevent health risks associated with cooking or drinking untreated water. United Water will notify customers at the affected areas when the boil water notice has been lifted. For more information call 623-1500 or visit the United Water website.

Rockland County Health Department issued a boil water order for the following addresses in Tappan:
Western Highway #6,16,24,25,29,30,36,37,38,41,49,50,53,54,57,58,61,62,65,66,70,76, 89,154,159,168,187,188,194,197,198,201,204,212,215,220,221,228, 233,236
Lafayette Place # 5,6,12,15,18,23,24,30,36,47,52,60,61,65,68,73,74,79,82,88,93,94,98, 104,109,112
Bogert Place # 25,29
Grand Avenue # 10,17,19,21,22,25,28,31,36,37,45,52,54,55,62,66,67

Rockland County Health Department issued a boil water order for the following addresses in New City:
Verona Court # 28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35
East Phillips Hill Road # 125,128,134,140,142,143
Circle Court # 3,4,5,6
Termakay Drive # 2,3,4,6,7,8,10,12,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26

Bears Spotted In Monsey Park, Residents Cautioned

The Ramapo Police Department closed Welder Park in Monsey Sunday evening at around 4:40pm after reports of bear cubs were spotted climbing the trees. The Department of Environmental Conservation was called to the scene in response to the bears and together with the Ramapo Police, decided not to tranquilize the animals under night conditions and instead to watchfully wait to assess the situation. As of Monday morning, Welder Park has been reopened as the bears have disbursed on their own though their whereabouts are unknown. Officials are cautioning the public to be mindful of their surroundings and never to approach or corner a bear and to report any bear sightings to your local authorities.

Ramapo Board Votes to Cover Certain Legal Fees

Accordingt to officials in Ramapo, the town will be covering the cost of legal representation for employees that were named in an investigation by the securities and exchange commission in May of 2014. On April 16 the town board approved a resolution that would provide legal services to those involved in the claims. The board voted 4-1, with members Brendel Charles and Yitzchock Ullman, as well as Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence and Deputy Supervisor Patrick Withers voting yes, and Daniel Friedman opposing, stating that there needs to be a limit of what the town will spend on legal fees. The resolution states that in the event of a conflict of interest and the Town Attorney cannot represent an entity or person named in the investigation, legal fees must be covered for them. Those named in the original subpoena are the town, St. Lawrence, the Town Audition, Financial Advisor, and the Local Development Corporation.

NJT Changes to Rockland Lines and Fares

According to officials with New Jersey Transit, plans are in the are in the works to cut services on certain lines. Officials stated that the proposal includes a rate hike of 9% for all fares, which would take effect on October 1, as well as the removal of the 12:45 AM train on the Pascack Valley Line that runs from Hoboken to Spring Valley, stopping in Nanuet and Pearl River. This means that the final train would leave Hoboken at 10:42 PM and many residents and commuters are speaking out against the change, though the MTA stated that only about forty people take the 12:45 AM train. With most events such as concerts and sports games ending later at night making the train home to Rockland County would require taking the Port Jervis Line to Suffern. The MTA would need to approve the removal of the train from the schedule before any decision are made. County Executive Ed Day stated about the proposal, “Service cuts and fare hikes once again seem to be the options of first resort rather than the last. Rockland County, as well as many families and business, have closed budget gaps by reducing expenses and improving efficiencies. NJT should be taking similar steps, instead of balancing its books on the back of riders.” The fares will rise about $9 a month for Suffern commuters and $6 for Sloatsburg on the Port Jervis Line to Penn Station and $4 a month on the Pascack Valley Line.

Rockland County Has Second Highest Property Taxes in Country

According to a list released by Zillow, an online real estate website, Rockland County residents are paying the second highest property taxes in the country. The company compiled information from sufficient sample sizes collected from counties in the fifty largest metro areas nationwide for 2013. Westchester County was first on the list with the median bill for 2013 being $13,842, and Rockland followed close behind with $10,550 for the year. According to the site, analysis found that the median property tax bill in the US was $2,132, and the lowest was Tunica County, Mississippi with $216.

Road Closure In Nanuet Due To Car Accident

The Clarkstown Police Department is reporting a one car motor vehicle accident which occurred at approximately 12:30 pm today on New Clarkstown Road. The Clarkstown Investigation Team is currently on the scene and closed the areas between Smith Road and the entrance to the Hamlet apartments. Officials are reporting the only injury is to the female driver, said to be in serious condition, sustained as she came off the road and hit a tree.

County Executives Urge Infrastructure Aid

Rockland County Executive Ed Day has joined Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino and Putnam County Executive Ellen Odell in asking the state for aid to go towards infrastructure repairs. New York received about $5 billion dollars from legal settlements in this year’s budget and much of the recent negotiations surrounded what to do with the large sum of money. All three County officials stated that the roads in the Lower Hudson Valley are in desperate need of repair after the rough winter and Governor Andrew Cuomo misused the money by not setting some aside for local roadways. State officials agreed to spend $1.5 billion for upstate economic development, and $1.3 billion will go to the Thruway Authority to keep tolls down for drivers. Infrastructure and increased $10 million statewide to assist in repairing state owned roads and the County Executives stated that it might not be enough for the amount of damage that needs fixing.

Orangetown Meeting to Discuss Concerns About Anellotech

There will be a hearing at the Orangetown Town Hall on Wednesday at 7:30 PM, which will be open to the public to discuss the proposed Anellotech plant that may be built at the former Pfizer campus. Since the expansion of the pilot plant was first proposed many residents have raised concerns about the company, which takes organic non-food material and turns them into usable chemicals. The major opposition group “Stop Anellotech” stated that they are most concerned with the vent pipe attached to the building that would release industrial chemicals, though officials of the company stated that the emissions pass all minimum state and federal requirements, and would consist mostly of water, carbon-dioxide, and nitrogen which are safe for the environment and residents. The Orangetown Planning Board has seen Anellotech’s proposals before, but Wednesday’s meeting is being held to further discuss the community’s opposition to the plant and time has been set aside at 7:30 on Thursday night as well in case the meeting runs over.

Former Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin Found Guilty


B9316537427Z_1_20150309165501_000_GO6A61H5F_1-0Former Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin was found guilty of corruption charges including mail fraud and extortion by Justice Colleen McMahon in the U.S. District Court in White Plains today. The verdict was cemented after a five day non-jury trial, where local businessman Moses “Mark” Stern worked with the FBI to record audio and video tapes of their meetings to expose Jasmin for allegedly using her political position to profit from a catering hall and community center built in exchange for her vote. Her sentencing is scheduled for August 7, where Justice McMahon will consider federal guidelines and her lack of criminal record in determining her actual prison time.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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