Sain Saga Continues (Audio)

While the county executive has expressed optimism about the possibility of selling the Sain building in New City, one of the legislators that voted to keep it in committee insists he still needs more information. Ramapo’s Aron Wieder said on The Morning Show yesterday that his vote could be swayed…

Audio clip: Aron Wieder

But County Executive Ed Day says Weider has all the information he needs, and it’s all posted on the county’s website as well. Regardless, Day thinks the sale could come before the legislature as a local law…

Audio clip: Ed Day

Supporters say the 4-point-5 million dollar sale of the Sain building would provide much-needed revenue to the county and Clarkstown.

Spring Valley Residents Burdened with Tax Snafu

If you live in Spring Valley, you might want to check your tax bill before you pay it. The Journal News reports an accounting snafu can affect village residents living in towns of Ramapo and Clarkstown differently. In one case a man’s 15-thousand dollar tax bill was incorrectly 12-thousand dollars higher than last year. The problem reportedly stems from the village’s move to abolish its tax assessor’s office in December. The village board passed a resolution to push the June 30th tax deadline to November first. In some cases some residents got lower tax bills…but those will be corrected in 2018.

New Budget Proposed for East Ramapo Schools; Vote to be Held June 20th

A new 231 million dollar budget for the East Ramapo school district would include full-day kindergarten and increase summer programs, English-as-a-second-language, special education and arts programs. It represents a 1.45 percent increase instead of the 2.5 percent increase voters overwhelmingly rejected last month. A public meeting Tuesday revealed that a plan to restore busing for private schools on days when public schools are closed was reportedly removed from the new budget. The district will hold a special election on Tuesday June 20th. If the budget fails for a second time, the district will put a contingency budget in place that could result in a decrease in staff, programs and extracurricular activities.

Police: Man Shoots Self in Harriman State Park

A man fatally shot himself Monday afternoon, reportedly in front of a New York State Park police officer at Harriman State Park. No one else was reported injured. No other information was released by police.

Man Arrested in Thruway Hit-and-Run

New York State Police in have arrested 59 year-old Scott Spooner of Vineland, NJ, in the hit-and-run death Sunday on the NYS Thruway of 54 year-old Paul Peacock of NYC. the accident took place early Sunday morning near the Ramapo Rest Area.  Investigators located Spooner and his damaged Kenworth truck at approximately 12:15 PM Sunday at the Pilot Travel Center on State Route 17 in Mahwah, NJ. Spooner was arraigned in the Village of Sloatsburg Court and sent to Rockland County Jail on $25,000 bail.

New York State Police BCI ask anyone who may have witnessed the accident to call State Police in Haverstraw at (845) 364-9424.

O&R Declares “Heat Watch” Today and Tomorrow

(Audio) Orange & Rockland Utilities has declared a “Heat Watch” for today and tomorrow, as temperatures hover in the 90s. O-and-R’s Mike Donovan says the hot weather will drive air conditioning use higher than normal, but suggests using energy wisely can do two things…

Audio clip: Mike Donovan

O-and-R says turning air-conditioning systems down or off in empty homes while you’re away or at work can help prevent system overloads.

Sain Building to Come up for Vote in Legislature…Maybe

The sale of the Sain Building in New City could come before a full legislature vote, but right now it’s anybody’s guess when that could be, if at all. Legislator Lon Hofstein, a member of the budget and finance committee, was a guest on The Morning Show yesterday and said all the issues should have been settled by now and a debate and vote in the full legislature should happen….

Hofstein                “…that will go up there.”           :15

Supporters say the 4-point-5 million dollar sale of the Sain building would provide much-needed revenue to the county and the town of Clarkstown.

Motion Seeks to Overturn ex-Ramapo Sup’s Conviction

Attorneys for former Ramapo Supervisor Chris Saint Lawrence have filed motions asking for a dismissal or new trial for all 20 of the counts he was found guilty last month. In documents filed in Federal court, Saint Lawrence’s attorneys cited insufficient evidence, errors made by the court and a lack of evidence to support the guilty verdicts as their basis for their claims the verdicts should be reversed. Saint Lawrence’s legal team is expected to file additional briefs by July 11th, after which the Government would respond by August 22nd, and the defense then gets a chance to file additional papers by September 12th.

Veterans Agency Head Jerry Donnellan to Retire

Audio Clip: Jerry Donnellan             “…much larger scale.”               :24

That familiar voice belongs to none other than Jerry Donnellan, the Director of Rockland’s Veterans Service Agency, talking about the watchfires that were held last month to commemorate Memorial Day. The county executive announced that Donnellan will be retiring at the end of this year, but is taking a medical leave effective immediately. Donnellan has served the county and countless veterans for 30 years. The lifelong Rocklander served in Vietnam until he was honorably discharged after losing a limb in combat in 1969. He has worked tirelessly to educate veterans and their families about post-traumatic stress disorder and to reduce the stigma attached to it. A successor has not yet been named.

Clarkstown Chief Found Guilty of 4 Charges, 15 Others Dismissed

(Audio) Clarkstown Police Chief Michael Sullivan has been found guilty of misconduct for deleting all the data on his department-issued cell phone while he was under investigation. The hearing officer recommended Sullivan be suspended for 15 days without pay. 15 of the 19 counts brought against the chief were dismissed. The chief still faces 21 more charges in a second hearing that Clarkstown supervisor George Hoehman says resumes today…

Audio clip: George Hoehman

Sullivan, meanwhile, has steadfastly denied the charges against him and has mounted a campaign for supervisor. Launched in April, Sullivan has called the Hoehman’s actions a witch-hunt…

Audio clip: Michael Sullivan

The hearing officer’s report now gets sent to the Town Board, excluding supervisor Hoehman since he’s the one who filed the complaint. The Board will ultimately make a final decision on Sullivan’s future.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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