Suffern Residents Seek Explanation on Real Estate Deal with VFW

At a recent Suffern Village Board meeting many residents raised concerns about a conflict of interest regarding the sale of the VFW Post 2973 building, which board members voted to buy for $150,000 in February 2014. The deal would allow the VFW to stay on as tenants, but the building, which has a market value of $500,000 and brings in revenue with 36 parking spaces rented for $1,600 a month, would be owned by the village. In the past few months Trustee Robert Morris allegedly worked to convince the board that the purchase doesn’t make sense financially, and soon after the realty company David Hirschman of Paramus, New Jersey made the same $150,000 offer to the VFW. Residents are upset because Morris’s son is the Vice-President of Hirschman Realty, some claiming that the actions of board members Morris and Frank Hagen, who brought the company’s offer to the VFW, broke the Open Meeting Laws by discussing the village’s spending plans. Suffern Mayor Patricia Abato stated that she has asked the village’s Ethics Board to review the situation.

Transformer Explosion At Indian Point Releases Non-Crude Oil Into Hudson

A transformer fire at Indian Point 3 at the Indian Point Energy Center in Buchanan, New York caused black smoke to billow into the air Saturday evening around 6PM which was extinguished by a sprinkler system. The transformer holding tank in place to hold oil from the transformer, overflowed from the fire, releasing thousands of gallons into the Hudson River. Emergency crews arrived on the scene to try and contain and clean up the transformer fluid. Governor Andrew Cuomo held a press briefing Sunday afternoon saying exactly how much oil was discharged into the river is yet unknown. The fire caused an automatic shutdown and Entergy spokesman Jerry Nappi claimed that the adjacent reactor, Unit 2, is unaffected, remaining in operation. Cuomo said cleanup efforts could take up to two days with commissioner of the State Department of Environmental Protection, Joseph Martens, declaring booms had been set up in a 300ft diameter to keep the oil from spreading. It is not clear yet what caused the transformer failure and Nappi said it could be weeks before Unit 3 is reopened again. Unit 3 of the Energy Center uses energy created by the plant to supply power to the state. Riverkeeper President Paul Gallay, expressed sentiment felt by many residents in a press release from Sunday stating that, “The plant should not be operated under its current fire safety regime. It is not cheaper, it’s not safe, and it’s not necessary. It’s time to close Indian Point and move on.”

Man Arrested for Attempting to Rob New City Home

According to police a man was arrested after attempting to rob a woman in her front yard in New City. Around 12:00 PM on Wednesday afternoon 44-year old Michael Deleo approached the woman, who was playing in her front yard on Pleasant Hill Drive with her three year old son at the time, and allegedly told her that he was armed and he wouldn’t hurt her if she took him to her money and jewelry. After Deleo lifted his shirt to show a gun, the woman’s husband answered the front door and the man fled. Police reported that they caught the 44-year old suspect and discovered a baton, gravity knife, can of mace, and two unloaded pistols in his vehicle. He arrested on four felony charges and is being held in Rockland County Jail.

Villages in Rockland Tax Increases

Four villages in Rockland County surpassed the state mandated two percent tax cap when they turned in their budgets on Friday. Spring Valley, Pomona, Suffern, and Haverstraw residents will most likely see major increases in property taxes this year, due to the inability to pass budgets that remained below the tax cap. The Spring Valley board approved a $29.4 million budget but were unable to adopt a law by the deadline that would have allowed them to spend money that goes above the cap. Taxes will increase 8.35% for residents. In Suffern taxes will go up 16%, plus a 4.5% sewer charge increase, and 5% increase for water, after the approval of a $12.9 million budget. In Pomona a budget of $2.4 million was approved for 2015-2016. Taxes for the Haverstraw section of the village will increase by 48.6% and 42.4% for the Ramapo section. Haverstraw’s new budget of $9.19 million means a 5.7% increase for residents.

Tappan Zee Bridge Lane Closures

According to an update on the Tappan Zee Bridge, Tappan Zee Constructors are beginning work on the all-electronic tolling system that will allow drivers, starting next year, to continue their way over the bridge without having to stop and pay by registering EZ-Pass electronically. Southbound road closures began Monday night as a result of the work, which will take place on weekdays starting at 7 PM, with one lane closing, followed by a second at 9 PM, and a third at 10:30 PM, reopening at 6:00 AM Tuesday through Friday, and 8:00 AM Saturday. The Exit 10 ramp in South Nyack will be closed on Wednesdays to allow crews to move a crane needed for construction of the tolls, which will occur from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM. State Police will be assisting in stopping traffic and redirecting drivers during closures.

United Water- Boil Water Notice

West Nyack and Pearl River residents were issued an alert to boil water before drinking on Sunday until further notice. United Water will inform customers when the alert has been lifted.

Sickletown Road 136, 151, 153, 157, 160, 165, 168, 174, 175, 187, 191, 193, 194, 205

Wheeler Place 1-5, 7-12, 14-16, 18, 20, 23, 24, 26-30, 32

Sophia Drive 1,3

Marcus Road 1-12, 14

Jill Drive 1-19, 21, 23-27

Richard Drive 1-20, 22

Elrod Drive 1-8, 12, 14-16

Continental Drive 1, 6, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49

Audobon Court 1-5

Graphic Court 1-6

Hampshire Court 1-4

Worthington Court 1-5, 7, 10-15

Woodward Road 3-10, 12

Stonehaven Road 1, 3, 5, 7, 9

East Townline Road 247, 251

Bomb Threat At Washingtonville HS In Orange County

News 12 is reporting a bomb threat at around noon today which forced Washingtonville High School in Orange County to be evacuated to the Middle School while authorities conducted a building and property search. This is the third bomb scare for the county in as many days as Monroe Woodbury High School and Middle School’s were evacuated on Wednesday and Thursday of this week based on non-credible threats.

Bomb Threat Evacuation At Monroe-Woodbury MS

News12 is reporting an alleged bomb threat at Monroe-Woodbury Middle School in Orange County where students were moved to the High School, located on the same property. This is the second bomb scare in two days for the district with the High School evacuated yesterday when a bomb message was discovered in a bathroom though nothing was found after a thorough search. Authorities are treating todays incident as a non-credible threat, and cleared the school for dismissal.

Brief Lock Down Reported At Spring Valley HS

The Journal News reported that Spring Valley High School experienced a temporary lock down this morning after a report of an abducted teenager led Clarkstown Police on a chase to apprehend the suspect, a former student and ex-boyfriend of the victim. The chase ended near Old Nyack Turnpike, crossing Route 59 and South Madison Avenue after 30 minutes with reportedly no injuries to the victim. Lock down was lifted at around 11:20am resuming a normal school schedule. Spring Valley Police is still processing the suspect who is in custody at this time.

Pedestrian and Vehicle Accident in Clarkstown

According to Clarkstown Police, a vehicle hit a pedestrian on Saturday afternoon. Police stated that around 3:10 PM a 2006 Lincoln Sedan struck the front of a building at 191 South Main Street in New City, hitting a woman at the same time. Police reported that the driver, 86-year old John Nawoshik of New City, was attempting to back out of a parking spot when he drive froward instead, injuring the 58-year old woman. No damage was done to the building and the driver did not require medical treatment, no summon was issued and the woman was transported to Nyack Hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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