Three Cases of Legionnaire’s Disease in Rockland County

According to Rockland County officials three cases of Legionnaire’s Disease have been confirmed since July 1. On Friday the second patient was diagnosed and his place of employment, Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corporation in Orangeburg was shut down while officials inspected and cleaned the cooling system. The Legionella bacteria is spread through warm water, such as is found in air conditioning and heating ventilation systems. Though it is not clear if the worker got the bacteria from Chromalloy, the company shut down and completely cleaned the five cooling systems and hot tubes, reopening on Monday morning. In one of the other two cases, County Communications Director Scott Salotto stated the patient works in the South Bronx, where Legionella has been found in multiple buildings, which are the cause of 113 cases and 12 deaths so far. According to the Rockland Health Department those having symptoms similar to Legionnaire’s should get checked out immediately. The disease presented with a cough, fever, muscle aches, and shortness of breath, but those not infected shouldn’t be alarmed, as it can’t be caught by contact with a patient, only through breathing it in a vapor form. The three cases in Rockland County are not connected to each other and all patients are recovering well.

Man Arrested for Stealing From Company

An employee at a technology firm in Pearl River was arrested this weekend for allegedly stealing from the company. According to Orangetown Police 44-year old Timothy Donald Kaiser stole more than $50,000 in equipment such as data and security cables and a generator among other items, from his employer Usis on Jefferson Ave in Pearl River. The Waldwick New Jersey man was arrested on Friday and charged with second degree grand larceny and second degree possession of stolen property and is being held in Rockland County Jail on $100,000 bail.

Investigation into Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant to be Launched

Following a recent transformer failure at Indian Point nuclear power plant, that resulted in nearly 3 thousand gallons of transformer oil leaking into the Hudson River. 8 thousand gallons burned or cleaned up before reaching the river, and plant operators are continuing to contain the remaining 13 thousand gallons, which according to officials with the plant will most likely be underground. The Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission stated that they will be launching an investigation into the May 9th incident, where water in a supply room caused a power failure to equipment that controls plant safety measures. The inspection is set to determine what caused the fire and explosion that shut down reactor 3, and why water was in the room, NRC officials stated that the equipment was not sustain any water damage, but it will be included in the investigation to be sure.

Rockland Riff – Episode #2

Back for more! The Rockland Riff Radio show already popped its cherry with some deep cut tunes from the James Gang, Captain Beyond, Godsmack and Porno for Pyros – but we just couldn’t get enough the first time around. So we’re here to rock it out with round 2!

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rockland-riff-adWe have some more mainstream and non-mainstream songs coming at you tonight at 8 pm. And remember to visit our awesome sponsors, who without their help, we couldn’t bring this show to you each month!

Some tunes you will hear on this first edition include artists such as:

Three Men Arrested for Arson

According to Clarkstown Police three men were arrested in connection to a string of fires in recent months. Police stated that 33-year old Jesse Wickes, 30-year old Seth Levy, and 39-year old Kenneth Tagle were all arrested after an investigation led to suspicion that they were purposely setting fires in garbage cans and vehicles over the past seven months. No injuries have not released any motives as of yet. All three men are facing charges of third-degree arson, as well as two misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree criminal mischief and were arraigned and held in Rockland County Jail on $5,000 bail.

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