Run the Rock Fundraiser for Veterans to Take Place Friday 31st

Next Friday marks the Run the Rock Fundraiser, which is a charity dinner event that raises money for veterans’ programs at Rockland Community College and for the non-profit BRIDGES organization. You can purchase 40 dollar tickets by contacting Carol Coiro at 845-574-4796, or you can pay at the door. The charity dinner is a prelude to the inaugural Run the Rock, which is a professionally designed 5K obstacle course taking place at RCC in late April. The Run the Rock charity dinner will run from 6-9 pm on Friday March 31st.(Source: Press Release)

NYSP Looking for Taconic Parkway Robbery Suspect

New York State Police have released a statement regarding a robbery that took place on the Taconic Parkway earlier this week. Authorities say that around 6:20 A.M. on Tuesday, an older model white Ford Crown Victoria pulled up behind the victim’s car, which was on the side of the road, and robbed the victim at gun point. The suspect is being described as a white male, with a short, dark mustache and wearing a black down jacket. Anyone with information is asked to contact investigators at (914)-788-8044.  (Source: LoHud)

Woman Escapes Car After Getting Stuck on Tracks in Bergenfield

On Wednesday morning, a New York woman was able to escape her car moments before a freight train barreled over the vehicle. 23-year-old Yvette Morel’s car became stuck in a ditch on a train crossing in Bergenfield, New Jersey when another motorist noticed the train coming and urged her to leave the car. Thankfully no one outside or inside the train was injured.  (Source: NorthJersey)

Residents of Nyack Apartment Complex Demand Repairs

Residents of the Waldron Terrace housing complex in Nyack are demanding that the Nyack Housing Authority to inspect and repair the apartments. Tenants of the apartment complex say many rooms are affected by mold, broken cabinets, and dilapidated appliances. Complaints about the living conditions have gone unanswered for years as Legislators Toney Earl and Harriet Cornell have now joined residents of the building to demand immediate action.   (Source: LoHud)

RCC to Partner with College Steps to Make Life Easier for Students with Disabilities

Rockland Community College is partnering with the non-profit group “College Steps” to make college life easier for students with disabilities. The partnership will bring innovative new programs to RCC beginning this fall. RCC and College Steps will host as information session for students, parents, consultants and school professionals on Tuesday April 3rd, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm in the Technology Center.   (Source: Press Release)

Stony Point Considering Amendment to Join the ‘No-Knock’ Trend

The Town of Stony Point is considering an amendment to its existing peddling and solicitation law to outlaw all door-to-door real estate canvassing. The possible amendment continues a growing ‘no-knock’ trend in Rockland County. The town will seek public comment on the amendment at its next board meeting on March 28th at the Stony Point Community Center.  (Source: LoHud)

County Executive and County Legislature Reach Multiple Agreements

It was announced last night that County Executive Ed Day and County Legislature Chairman Toney Earl were able to put political differences aside and put together a series of actions on the Sheriffs’ Deputies’ contract, funding for nonprofits, and county finances. Officially, the settlement includes the new Sheriff’s Deputies contract, which will cover the period from 2011 to 2016 and includes a retroactive 2 percent salary increase each year for 2014, 2015, the first half of 2016, and a 3 percent increase for the second half of 2016. Other agreements cover the funding for 32 community benefit organizations for the rest of the year and the Tax Anticipation Note, which is passed every year and acts as a bridge loan to pay school districts, towns, and villages the taxes they have levied. Finally, a special joint meeting has been planned to discuss the future of the Sain Building.  (Source: Press Release)

Congresswoman Nita Lowey Highlights ‘Devastating’ Effects of President’s Proposed Budget

In a joint statement with the CEO of Meals on Wheels, as well as other representatives, Congresswoman Nita Lowey voiced her opposition to the proposed cuts in President Donald Trump’s budget. In her statement, the congresswoman stressed that “the proposed budget would literally leave older and vulnerable New Yorkers cold and hungry, while eliminating millions of dollars in essential investments supporting nutrition, housing, and heating for Lower Hudson Valley families that need them most.” The budget proposal would eliminate the Community Block Grant Program, or C.B.G.P, that funds portions of Meals on Wheels program, while making devastating cuts to the Departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture, respectively. Last year, Rockland County received over 2 million dollars from C.B.G.P. grants.    (Source: Press Release)

Presentation from Rockland County Task Force on Water Conservation Next Monday

The Rockland County Task Force on Water Resource Management will host a special presentation next Monday that will discuss how two regions in New Jersey have developed programs to protect and manage regional water resources through task force planning, as well as lessons from similar efforts. The public is invited to attend, and that will take place from 5:30 pm to 7:20 pm on Monday March 27th.  (Source: Press Release)

Officials Suspicious of What Sparked a Mount Vernon Fire

Fire officials in Mount Vernon say that a weekend fire, which tore through a house on South Third Avenue, appears to be suspicious. Investigators were under the impression that the house was abandoned, but in their ongoing search of the building, found that someone had been living there from time to time. The blaze was powerful enough that it damaged two other homes that were in close proximity. All residents were safely evacuated from the buildings as one firefighter went to the hospital with minor injuries.  (Source: LoHud)

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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