Clarkstown Board Could Vote in Term Limits

According to the Clarkstown Town Board they will be holding a public hearing on September 9 to discuss term limits for elected members. The limits would mean 8 consecutive years for all officials except town justices, and would allow members to run for a new position after their eight years are up. Democratic Chairwoman Stephanie Hausner stated she supports term limits and due to the voter support believes that it will pass unanimously, and bring new opportunities to the board. Recently Clarkstown Supervisor Alex Gromack voiced his support for limits as well, stating that his earlier belief that elections act as a form of accountability for officials, will still be present but now having a time limit will be a positive addition. Another supporter, Republican Councilman George Hoehmann stated, “Term limits are a way of insuring that periodically, the people have the playing field leveled with a guarantee of turnover.” With the three members of the board showing support, the term limits will be able to be passed.

Boulders Recap

Rockland played their third game in their away series against the Trois Riveres Aigles holding a 2-0 lead for four innings. In the sixth inning the Boulders added two runs moving forward with a 4-0 lead and after the Aigles scored their first run in the seventh inning, ended up winning the game 4-1. They play Trois Riveres again tonight at 7:05.

House Fire in Montebello

Volunteers from the Tallman, Suffern, Monsey, and Mahwah, New Jersey Fire Departments responded to a call in Montebello on Wednesday morning for a house fire near Champion Parkway. According to Fire Chief Chris Szklany, officials believe an electrical problem started the fire, which was contained to the kitchen and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation with the Rockland Sheriff’s Department are investigating the cause. Szklany stated that an automatic phone alarm brought the firefighters to the address around 6:45 AM and discovered the fire while looking into windows during a walkthrough of the property. The family was not home at the time and by 7:45 the small fire was out, though the kitchen was destroyed.

Only Seven County Jobs Cut

Rockland County Legislators voted 6-1 to cut seven positions in the Mental Health Department, and save 69 laundry work, security aide, and radiology jobs, after County Executive Ed Day proposed that the county cut 39 positions to save about 1.68 million dollars in salary costs. According to Day when the sale of Summit Park Hospital and Nursing Home is complete those terminated will be able to apply for jobs with the new private owner and the private vendors he is planning to bring in to do the work for less cost to the county. Legislators stated that the savings for 2014 would not be worth terminating all the positions proposed, though in 2015 the money saved would increase significantly. According to Day’s Chief of Staff Guillermo Rosa, cutting jobs now would save time and money, stating “We have to move forward. We cannot go on with a loss of 1.2 million dollars a month.” Rosa stated that the county is losing $38,000, with Summit Park adding to a majority of that. Legislator Michael Grant stated that the proposal will likely come up again in Day’s 2015 budget plans.

Boulders Recap

The Boulders played their second game in the four game series against the Trois Riveres Aigles last night. In the third inning the Boulders got the first run of the game, scoring another in the fifth, followed soon after by a run from the Aigles. The Boulders held a 2-1 lead until the ninth inning, when the Aigles scored two runs, winning the game 3-2. The two teams play tonight at 7:05 and finish the series tomorrow night. The Boulders return home on Friday to play the Jackals.

Police Believe Men Cased Home Before Robbery

According to Ramapo Police, a robbery that took place Monday was possibly connected to reports from neighbors of the address on August 7 that two men were seen walking around the house and looking in windows. Police stated that two men broke into the home in New Hempstead around 10:30 Monday night and one held the victim down while the other went around the house collecting items. The Rockland County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit and are searching for witnesses who can describe the men or the car they drove away in. Call the Ramapo Police Department at 845-357-2400.

County Attmepts to Alleviate Stressed Public Transit

According to Rockland County Executive Ed DAy complaints have been filed with the county about slower bus services this summer and the county is taking action to solve the problems. Spokeswoman for he Rockland County Department of Public Transportation, SUsan Meyer, stated that the addition of two larger buses from the Tappan ZEExpress’ 59 and 97 routes to temporarily ease the busy TOR schedules and prevent delays has helped already. Rockland is also acting on plans to add four large buses after they bought out the $8,000 tire leases from the Albany system, to use as backups, though some will be put into service in October. Four new TOR buses are set to arrive in the fall of 2015 and the county is looking to buy sixteen new ones for 2016. In the meantime the Department of Public Transportation is considering renting buses to alleviate issues with the routes and next month TOR will be taking on two para-transit mini-buses from TRIPS that will run Route 97 and loops 1 and 3 in Ramapo.

Boulders Recap

The Boulders played three games against Les Quebec Capitales this weekend, losing on Friday 7-1. On Saturday the Rockland team got back in the swing of it, winning 7-5. And in the final game of the five game series against Quebec on Sunday the Boulders won 4-1, with pitcher Richard Salazar setting a Boulders record with his tenth win this season. The Boulders play the Trois Riveres Aigles tonight at 7:05 and return to provident Bank Park on Friday.

Boil Water Alert

United Water announced that a boil water alert has been set for 21 addresses in Orangetown due to a lack of water pressure after a watermain break. According to the statement, crews were working on repairs to a 16-inch main break on Sickletown Road and New Blauvelt Road as of Sunday evening. The Rockland County Health Department informed the company that numbers 61, 65, 66, 69, 75, 81, 83, 85, and 91 and on Sickletown Road, as well as numbers 1 through 8 on Briarwood Lane in Orangeburg and number 68 A on Sickletown Road and 500 and 551 on Blauvelt Road in Blauvelt are under a boil water alert until further notice. The company directs that if you or your pets will be ingesting water for any reason boil it for one minute. You do not have to boil water for showering or washing clothes. Drinking the water can cause symptoms such as diarrhea, cramps, headaches, and nausea. United Water will inform those affected when the alert has been lifted. Customers can keep updated by calling United Water at 845-623-1500 extension 2225 or the Health Department at 845-364-2608.

Pile Driving to Resume on Tappan Zee Bridge Today

According to Brian Conybeare, Governor Cuomo’s Special Adviser for the New Tappan Zee Bridge Project, pile driving at the construction site is set to resume today, after being suspended on July 31 when the noise rose above the allowed 90 decibels. Conybeare stated on friday that due to the testing and research done by Tappan Zee Constructors since building was halted, they have been allowed to resume work installing 200 metal sheet piles to the wall of the bridge on the Rockland shore, and they will be using techniques to keep noise levels down such as a guide beam to prevent rattling, a double layer rubber sound barrier, and a noise shroud around the hammer and metal sheets. Mayor of South Nyack Bonnie Christian stated that she and residents are waiting to see if the new techniques help keep sound levels low.